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How to Find a Lost Diamond and Get Your jewelry Piece Repaired or Redesigned?

Everyone loves and value their diamond ring, especially if it’s your engagement ring. It had mesmerized you since the time you first adorned it on your finger. Just the thought of losing it might give you sleepless nights. To escape all this stress, it’s always a great idea to get a diamond ring valuation. It will come in handy for the insurance claim.

Jewelry valuation for insurance is crucial as you never know when something untoward will happen. Your precious items can be stolen or lost. And in such a situation, you must be able to present a certified document showing the true value of your jewelry. 

Just imagine if a diamond from your ring or any other precious jewellery item is not in its place.

Here Are Some Tips on How to Search for a Lost Diamond

Jewelry repaired tips

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So let’s get started.

When you saw it last

Think of the time when you saw it last when it was intact. Go back to that place and start looking for it. While going back, be alert, and keep your eyes on the floor while searching for your coveted stone.

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Search with a flashlight

Bring out your most powerful tight beam flashlight and start searching. Better to turn off lights as diamond will sparkle and it will be easier for you to find it. Look around closely and carefully, you will find it surely. 

Feel with your hands

Diamonds have sharp edges, so you can search for your diamond by feeling it under your palm. Search under the table or any other furniture around. The hardness of diamonds can be easily felt with your bare hands and you might get lucky in finding your precious stone.

Sweeping is a great idea

It’s time to sweep the floor as it is the best way to find your lost diamond. Sweep the area where you remember to have lost it. Sweep slowly and smoothly, keeping it as close to the floor as possible. Look for your coveted piece in the collected dust. This is the easiest option when you have hard floors.

Look a little further 

A diamond can bounce away too far, so do not restrict yourself to the area where it fell. Cover a larger area when searching for it. It can roll away and get tucked in some corner. Keep your eyes open and look around as far as possible. You never know where you will find it. 

Look in your jewelry box

Don’t forget to look into your jewelry box as the diamond you are looking for might have fallen out in the box itself. Take all the jewelry items out of the box and look for the missing diamond.

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Jewellery valuation is the most important step to keep your future safe. It is recommended that you get it done by an expert and trustworthy valuer.

Getting your jewelry item repaired 

Once you have searched your diamond, you need to get your jewelry item repaired. Whether it’s a ring, necklace, or bracelet, you can get it repaired by an expert jewelry repair service. The diamond that had fallen out can also be used to redesign a bespoke jewelry piece. 

Transforming it into a Bespoke jewelry piece

Getting your old piece transformed into a piece of modern bespoke designer jewelry can be a great idea. You can get your dream ring or pendant redesigned as per your requirement. Custom designing ensures that you can personalize the design by adding more precious gems.

Custom or bespoke jewelry is in demand these days. Designers and craftsmen can create a one-of-a-kind piece that you would cherish lifelong. Being your idea, it will express your style and help you make a statement. You would feel some special bond with it and would love to flaunt it.

Discuss your idea with the jewelry designer

You need to find out a trustworthy and reputed jewelry designer. Once you zeroed-in on the designer, discuss your specific needs and idea with him. Along with your diamond, you can add other precious gemstones to finally get a gorgeous eye-grabbing piece. Companies offer various services, including jewelry valuation for insurance, jewelry repair service, and bespoke jewelry.

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Hand-drawn sketches to CAD to a beautiful bespoke piece

Your designer will turn your dream design into a beautiful bespoke piece by employing various techniques. Starting with hand-drawn sketches, the designer would finalize the design with you and then using computer-aided design (CAD), 2D, and 3D designs are created. 

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The next step is that an expert craftsman takes over it and a model is created. Once you give a nod to the model, it is finalized using the precious metal, diamonds, and gemstones. Finally, your unique jewelry piece is ready to be flaunted!