How AI is redefining the cosmetic industry

How AI Is Redefining the Cosmetic Industry?

The penetration of advanced technologies in different business sectors is nothing unusual to witness, however, its invasion in the cosmetic sector, has really raised eyebrows. 

The mechanism of the cosmetic industry is based on the try and buy approach, and since it deals with uplifting human features, extra care is supposed to be given to it. In this run, thinking of technology to run the show seems a little impossible, and you cannot think what can be the possibilities lying down there. Well, to address the issue and accentuate it in the right manner, the inclusion of technology smooths down the passage and brings an inevitable transformation that can be relished by everyone out there.

So today, we are going to discuss the role of AI in the cosmetic industry and how it is helping customers to make the right decision to select their favorite product.

Not many of us feel convinced to help understand customer preferences better, helping boost sales for businesses. Let’s explore it further…

Virtual product trials

Amidst the deadly virus, when a new strain is again creating disturbing stats across the world, with AI, customers can virtually try thousands of products. It helps them to virtually wear makeup products such as lipsticks, foundations, lip gloss, and eyeshadows, and see what suits them best, much before buying them. This enhances the shopping experience and helps customers not to regret buying the wrong product. It has been a disturbing phase for people across the world to roam around and buy their favorite products from the brick-and-mortar spaces, as the new norm does not allow them to practice in-shop experience like before. Here, virtual product trials give them an opportunity to pick the right product without moving out, and right at their doorstep.

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AI is helping to correct deformities

AI is helping to correct deformities

Ohh, my nose is a little slant, how about my chin be more pointed, well, these are some of the most common statements we all get to hear every day, as we want to enhance our looks. But we are not sure of whether after getting the correction treatment it will really suit us or not, and this is where AI integration comes to the rescue and helps in conducting plastic surgeries in a much efficient way. It also helps in predicting the post-surgery result to attain the high accuracy result, and pick the right treatment to proceed ahead with. This not just saves time but also helps patients to see the to-be-acquired result in advance and make the required changes if need be, without going under the knife.

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Manufacturing customer-centric cosmetic products

To manufacture products that suit the customers’ demands is actually a dream of every cosmetic brand, but to analyze customer feedback requires serious efforts. And here AI algorithms help in collecting comments, reviews, and feedback by customers in a form of streamlined data, which can be read to manufacture products on the basis of their demands.

This helps companies to understand individual’s needs for their specific skin tone, facial structure, and skin type. Further, this data can help in launching such products in the market, that align well with their goals while considering their physical features.

Customer satisfaction

Much before our world was hit by the deadly storm of the virus, which swept away the refreshing feel of our used-to-be normal lives, technology existed and helped us in many ways. However, the real job role of technology could be witnessed amid the virus outbreak and helped us to see another side of technology that was not discovered earlier. The way customer satisfaction has reached another level through the means of technology has surpassed the imagination galore, and the cosmetic industry is no exception to it. Now, for skincare, beauty enhancement, or any skin condition, it becomes easy for customers to order at their convenience and get a much better in-store buying experience online.

Personalization of another level

Indeed, personalization is something every customer looks forward to, regardless of the industry they are being served from. And this does not leave behind the cosmetic industry as well, apart from the four walls of brick and mortar outlets, now personalization has taken a new curve and that is well accentuated by the newest kid on the block; AI. It brings that enthusiasm back to the consumers, to shop and get assistance at a personalized level while using this tech trend. And relish the beauty brands’ products right at the comfort of their homes and enjoy every bit of their shopping experience and enhance their beauty.

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Future of AI in the cosmetic industry

Well, on an honest note, the beauty industry is expected to reach a whopping value of $863 billion globally by 2024. And in this race, something that will help it flourish out of bounds is the constant innovation and exponential growth witnessed in the tech sector. The amalgamation of these two sectors would certainly pace a magnificent platform that will aid cosmetic brands to stand out from the crowd. 

On the other hand, considering the pain pandemic has brought to our world, and further forced us to practice scale distancing as a norm, and here the integration of technology in the beauty industry would help customers to attain the products to their home without being hassled. Hence, it can easily be stated the future of AI technology in the cosmetic industry is bright and flourishing and will continue to sparkle in the years to come. So what more this tech trend is likely to bring to the table is hard to be discovered, but something that is certain to experience something unique and incredible in the future.

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The Bottom Line

Today the beauty or cosmetic industry has received a facelift through the hands of technology. With the help of tech trends cosmetic brands are offering to provide better services to their customers, this helps them cater to customers in a much-personalized manner, and no prize for guessing this baton is carried none other than by AI technology.

To keep exploring what more this tech trend has got to bring for the cosmetic industry, don’t forget to subscribe and stay tuned to this space.

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