Flooring Colour and Designs Guide

Guide To Help You Choose The Perfect Flooring Colour

Do you want people to talk and praise about the interior design of your home? Colors play a dramatic role in enhancing home decor. The hues of the walls, furniture, decorative items, floors, and flooring accessories can create an alluring charm that can lend your house a welcoming aura.

Flooring is the most expensive affair and hence it is considered as the one-time investment. When spending money on buying floors for your house, we suggest take time, research and then decide on the perfect flooring type for each room according to the interiors. If you have a staircase, you need to select self-adhesive stair nosing matching to the floor you choose, which can complement your home décor.

When selecting flooring, whether wood or laminate, you will also have to choose a wood flooring underlay. It will be useful in saving the floor from moisture. It also adds smoothness under your feet as you walk on the floor.

A floor should be such that it should not only feel warm under the feet but also complement your interiors. And wood floors are a perfect choice to achieve this dream. It must look aesthetically good but at the same time, not over the top.

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How to Select Floor Colour?

Let’s get back to our question – how to choose the perfect floor color for your home? Keep reading this blog post to know the tips on how to select a color for your flooring that will complement your home decor.

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There are zillions of options available for floor hues in the market. Picking one for your space can be intimidating. There is a one-stop-shop for an extensive range of premium quality flooring accessories.

Room Size

When buying any flooring, you should first consider the size of your room. Dark-colored wood floors look great for bigger rooms and lighter shades of floors are better for smaller spaces. Dark woods like walnut or other darker shades will add warmth to your room. A large or wide room looks compact.

If your room receives an ample amount of sunlight, go for a dark colour. Also, light coloured walls go best with dark floors. It creates a dramatic effect.

For small rooms, shades like light Oak or beige should be preferred as they make space look bigger. And you might not have to discard your furniture to avoid making it look congested. Light color helps in brightening up the room. It creates a peaceful ambiance. When you add rugs and decorate your walls with contrasting accessories, your space will enhance effortlessly.

Depends on Foot-Fall

Softwood flooring is ideal for the areas with low foot-fall. On the other hand, hardwood floors and laminate flooring are perfect for high foot-fall areas. Hardwood flooring adds to the worth of your home while laminate floors are pocket-friendly options that increase the beauty of your abode.

For your living room, you can pick hardwood as an option. But remember wood is very sensitive to moisture. Also, wood can easily get scratched and requires maintenance. Engineered wood floors are also similar in looks but are prepared by using layers of plywood with the top layer of hardwood. There are numerous flooring designs and colors available in the market.

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Kitchen & Bathroom

For spaces like the kitchen and bathroom, tile laminate floors are preferable. You need to ensure that you choose a floor that doesn’t stay wet for too long after taking shower. In such areas, you can use waterproof wood flooring underlay that can help keep your floor moisture-free.

If you have pets, tile floors are a great choice. They are durable. Stunning styles and designs are available in the market, ranging from Victorian style to modern trendy designs. But there are certain drawbacks of tiles flooring. After damage, repairing tiles is a difficult task. Also, grouting can easily attract dirt and grime. In the winter season, it gets cold and it is risky to walk wearing socks, as you can slip.

Kids Room

Kids Room Flooring

When it comes to the kid’s room or any other space where you can experiment and have vibrant interiors, it is suggested that you use colored flooring. An extensive range of laminate flooring is available in the market to select. The vibrant floor adds energy to the ambiance of your room. Areas with a theme are great for this type of floor. Cafes and salons are the spaces where grey laminate flooring or brown wood floor looks elegant.

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Along with flooring, matching accessories are also essential to create a seamless effect. So, remember to buy accessories as well when buying floors. You should always select floor accessories that complement your floor. This would ensure that your home interiors look aesthetically appealing to your guests.

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