Spider Veins Reasons

Ultimate Guide About Why Spider Veins Appear

Nowadays, everyone seems to be conscious about his/her looks. The beauty of a person holds tremendous significance these days. But on account of the lifestyle and the environmental degradation, the person is prone to many uncertainties. One such problem finding its way to people is the problem of spider veins. Spider veins are thin lines of red and purple that often appear on a person’s face and legs. Spider veins are not painful and do not cause any trouble, but still, people wish to get rid of them. Our lifestyle is responsible for the occurrence of spider veins to a great extent. But besides this, several factors lead to spider veins. We will be going through all the factors which lead to spider veins in great detail in this article. 

Causes of Spider Veins

1. Restricted Blood Flow

One of the primary reasons causing spider veins is the blood flow. When the blood flow is restricted, spider veins occur. When the blood pools inside the vein, spider veins can occur. It is necessary to regulate the blood flow properly to avoid the spider veins. 

2. Sun Damage

Secondly, spider veins can also occur on account of the sun damage. When the person is exposed to sun or heat for an extended period, it leads to spider veins. Skin begins to turn red when damaged by the sun. Ultraviolet light damages the skin, and accordingly, spider veins occur.

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3. Hereditary

Spider veins can also be hereditary. There are chances that a person can have spider veins if someone in the family history had spider veins. Sometimes, it may be passed on to a person by the genes of a parent. 

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4. Pregnancy Period

In women, pregnancy can lead to the problem of spider veins. The extra weight of the fetus and increased blood circulation during pregnancy can cause spider veins. In this case, spider veins can be permanent and temporary also. It solely depends on the physical condition of women during pregnancy. 

5. Body-Age

Age can also lead to spider veins. As the body ages, veins tend to become weak. Consequently, spider veins can occur. 

6. Females Are at More Risk

Research conducted on this reveals that females are more prone to the risk of spider veins than the menfolk. 

7. Overweight

A person has a high chance of spider veins if one is overweight. When one is overweight, there seems to be extra pressure on the veins leading to spider veins. 

8. Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is the next primary reason causing spider veins. Conditions like birth control or menopause increase the chances of spider veins in women. 

9. Inactive for Long

Spider veins can also occur when one stays idle for an extended period. When a person sits or stands for an extended period, it can restrict the blood circulation, leading to spider veins. 

Various Treatment for Spider Veins

To avoid spider veins, one can wear compression stockings or socks. Blood circulation gets improved by way of compression socks. 

There are also numerous therapies to help people get rid of spider veins. One such treatment is sclerotherapy. This therapy causes the veins to shrink and ultimately vanish. Person should only take the assistance of specialists and trained nurses for this purpose. 

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Spider veins can also get treated through laser treatment. But laser treatment can only be used when the veins are small and not too large. Laser treatment does not use any injections for the purpose.

If spider veins are large, then surgery is recommended. 

Ways to Prevent Spider Veins

Daily wearing sunscreen can prevent spider veins on the face. When outdoors, use sun protection hats and clothes. 

The weight of the person should be according to height. The person should not be overweight. Blood flow is maintained by ideal weight. 

People should avoid wearing too tight clothes as it can restrict blood circulation. 

There should be less alcohol consumption as it can lead to broken blood vessels. Limited alcohol consumption will prevent spider veins. 

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There are numerous reasons due to which spider veins occur. But there is nothing to worry about as treatments are available for the same. Beverly hills med spa guides how to get rid of spider veins. Spider veins are correctly treated at Beverly hills med spa. 

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