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9 Thoughtful Gifts for the Travel Lovers for His/Her New Adventures

Gifts are a token of love that we give someone. A lot of thought and search goes into selecting a gift. It is a way to celebrate a person’s happy moment by making them feel special about themselves. There is always a perfect gift no matter what the occasion. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while picking a gift for someone who loves to travel.

  • A gift should be thoughtful.
  • It should be useful.
  • A gift should be of good quality.
  • One should keep in mind the likes of the person they want to gift something.
  • The purpose of gifting should be clear.
  • Worth remembering and appreciating.

You only must visit the site to get that perfect gift for any occasion. They have a wide range of gifts for every relationship and every occasion. You can also search for your presents based on different categories making the process easy and fun. They also have a gift category for travel enthusiasts, those who love adventure and thrill. They have a wide range of very creative, fun, and thoughtful travel gifts available online on their shopping website. You only must scroll and find the perfect gift for your special someone.

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Best-Customized Gifts for Travel Lovers

1. Adventure Map Magnet

It is a perfect customized gifts for travel lovers. You can choose any four locations, each place having four picture slots. Select your favourite pictures and put them in the slots of those locations according to your wish. Beautify your fridge with these beautiful and quirky picture magnets. A person who lovesadventure will love the cool location magnet idea.

2. Travel Addict Mug

This mug is both thoughtful and useful. It is complemented with a marker pen that your travel lover can use, to write about their next vacation on this mug. The capacity of this mug is 330ml, and it is microwave safe. You can re-write on the mug, making it unique. It is a must-have gift to keep the travel excitement alive.

3. Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad Badges

Delhi badges are a set of three badges. It is a perfect gift for a true Delhiite. Surprise them with the best lines you think they love. It is too cute and quirky together. The badges have lines like-Bhains ki Aankh, Dilwalo ki Dilli and Scene kya hai, written on them.

Just like the Delhi lover badges, there are also a set of cool trendy badges for a true Chennaite. With phrases like- Whistle Podu, Singada Chennai and Ellai Saapadu, the badges are just too perfect. 

Similarly, the Hyderabadi badges are also quite popular for their content like- Asli Hyderabadi, B for Baigan, and Kiraak. 

4. Travel Pins

Travel Pins is one of the best memorable and thoughtful gifts for someone who loves adventure. You can pick your five most favourite places that you have been to or wish to go to in the future. It also has a magnet board so that you can hang it on your favourite wall of the room. Place magnets are a creative and cool idea to cherish the memories of the places you have visited. It’s like a reminder board for you to look at and feel happy about the memories.

5. Travel Thoughts Postcard

The Travel Thoughts Postcard is for a travel enthusiast who loves travelling and writing. There are 15 postcards in this package. In today’s online world, there are still some people who are quite old-school and like to write letters instead of posting and tagging people online. It’s an exquisite gift for those deep thinkers, who travel with their heart. Get your hands on these postcard packages and gift it to someone you know who would love this.

6. Hyderabad and Bengaluru Magnets

This magnet has all things Hyderabadi. From Charminar to biryani, this magnet symbolises the love for Hyderabad. You can customise this magnet with your four favourite pictures. Gift these Hyderabad magnets to a Hyderabad lover. Similarly, the Bengaluru magnet has all the uniqueness of the city. A die-hard Bengaluru lover will drool over this magnet. From Cubbon Park to Dosa, this magnet reflects the love of a Bangalorean. 

7. Travel Countdown Magnet

Know someone who is counting days to travel to their dream destination? Then this Travel countdown magnet is just the right gift for them. It levels up the exciting countdowns of the person and adds some more every passing day. This magnet comes with a rewritable marker pen. It’s the best gift one could give for an exciting countdown. 

8. LED World Map

Whether you have traveled a lot or have a long list of your favorite travel destinations, this LED Travel Map is the right pick. It is one of the best travel gifts that are exciting and beautiful at the same time. The world map lights up at a click of a button.

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9. World on My Bucket List

This gift is inspired by the movie “UP” to make your travel bucket list more interesting. Several color pins look like balloons; you can use these pins to place it on any country you wish to visit. Hang the frame in any corner of your home and enjoy the view. It is the most exciting gift for someone who is always up for an adventure. You can also use this frame as a check-list for whichever country you travel to. Just keep adding the pins turning your frame into a beautiful looking gift.

There are several other place magnets and badges available on their website Oye happy that you should check out. They have a range of customized gifts for travel lovers, and that too at affordable prices. The gifts are a quality product and have safe home delivery management. They have safe packaging and also provide next-day delivery on request. People looking for ideal gifts online are in for an exciting ride.