Garbage Disposal Problem

List Common Garbage Disposal Problem & How to Avoid Them

Most of the plumbing problems are caused by irregular garbage disposal. Garbage is the main cause of clogged sink pipes and sewers. Regular cleaning of pipes is very important to keep your pipelines clean for smooth water passage. Grease and fats are the main reason that is causing the problem in pipelines. Try to put all your waste in a dustbin because most of the waste is stored in the pipes and causes clogs. Food waste is the main cause of garbage disposal problems and you should avoid those waste. Always run cold water while cleaning as it will help to keep all your grease and fat in a solid form that makes it easy to move that garbage through the drainage system.

List Common Garbage Disposal Problem

1. Clogs 

Garbage Disposal Problem - Clogs

Clogs are the most common problem one can face due to garbage disposal. All the waste that you throw inside your pipeline will get clogged someday and it keeps getting worse. Try not to put any solid waste through your pipeline or even if you throw it my mistake, clean the garbage waste as it might get stuck somewhere and will cause a clog. You don’t want to clean those smelly clogs stuck in your drain? Try not to throw any waste in your drain system or else you have to clean those and it can cause clogging.  

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2. Odors 

One of the worst things about the garbage disposal problem is false Odor. You don’t want to smell the garbage disposal stuck in your drain. You need to clean your garbage disposal as it can cause a very unpleasant smell in your house and can even cause diseases. The best option for you is to clean the garbage disposal or replace it with a new one. You can put some lemon and vinegar and run cold water to clean that garbage disposal. It will also help to remove the false odor. 

3. Noises 

You sometimes might hear some noises from garbage disposal don’t worry that’s not a demon hiding in there it’s just all your waste that is stuck inside and you need to clean that garbage. If you continue to hear those noises you need to call a plumber who can help you clean that garbage. Sometimes replacing the old garbage disposal with a new one is the best option.  

4. Leaking  

Your garbage disposal can leak too. You need to check where the leak is from some time the leak could be easy to fix but if the leak is serious you need to call a plumber who can fix your leakage. A garbage disposal can cause due to corrosion or by any object that might have cracked your garbage disposal. A garbage disposal can last up to 10-12 years if it’s older than that you must be replacing your disposal with a new one.  

5. Plastic Waste 

Most dangerous waste that is causing an imbalance in the environment. Plastic is hazardous for our eco-system as plastic waste is not decomposable and causes huge damage to the environment. Try not to use plastic and even if you are using plastic don’t throw your plastic waste anywhere. Put the plastic garbage in a dustbin and send it for recycling. Burning plastic produces harmful gases and can cause massive damage to our ozone layer. If you want to save the planet stop using the plastic product and stop throwing your plastic garbage anywhere.  

6. Food Waste 

Food waste is mainly the leftover food or the waste released when eating. Most people just throw that waste while cleaning their utensils. Food waste can cause clogs in kitchen sink pipelines and even if it gets flushed out of your drainage system it will get stuck somewhere and will cause massive water clogging. You should not be throwing your food waste in your sinks; it affects your sewer or drainage pipe. As the waste produced should be kept aside and thrown in a garbage bag. Try to clean your pipelines once a month so that all the waste products will be flushed out keeping you safe from any clogs. 

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A garbage disposal can cause a serious problem and you need to fix your disposal as early as possible. If there is a leak or clog in your garbage disposal check where the leak is and what is causing the clogs. If you can’t fix it on your own call a professional plumber who can help you fix your garbage disposal. There is lots of garbage disposal available that is best for your house. Choose the right garbage disposal and always call a professional plumber who can fix any issue related to your disposal. There are many qualified Plumber in Escondido who can help you with any plumbing problem at your home.  


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