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Future Trends in Game Development

Technology is vastly changing and significant advancement in technology has given us a vast variety of choices of video games. Growth in AR and VR technology has provided us with various options and also provided growing opportunities in the industry. There are many important ongoing trends in the game market that game development companies in India are interested in. Have you ever dreamt of car racing, or shooting down multiple villains all at once but due to some of the other reasons you fail to do so, Your greatest escape can be sitting on your couch taking out your game console and playing some mind-blowing game where you can fulfill your dreams.

Today gaming has come a long way. It is a fast-evolving industry with over 2.34 billion gamers worldwide. Now even big tech companies have started to enter the gaming industry with their own gaming platform and every day something new is launched in the market.

Every year game development companies in India do nearly $890 million worth of business and there are more than 100 game development organizations in the country. There is a sudden rise in the demand for professionals in the field. Game development companies in India have come a long way and now every big company wants to try their luck in the gaming industry, There are plenty of exciting roles available. The gaming world is so large that you can indulge yourself in it all day long.

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In this article, we will share some insight on future game development 

Future Trends of Game Development

Future Trends of Gaming Industry

1. AR and VR

AR and VR are now the new reality of gaming. It is trendy now and will go for many more years. AR which is Augmented Reality adds a digital element to a live game by using your smartphone. VR which is Virtual Reality is a complete immersion experience that shuts out the physical world. AR and VR will now be used together and while playing you will get real-life experience. It will feel like you are moving forward in reality. You will be excited to live in the game. Photorealism is particularly important for game developers.

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AR and VR will truly dominate the game development company in India. Higher adoption of this new rapidly changing technology will become more readily acceptable. Gaming will become more immersive and innovative. Virtual reality is capable of providing a deeply immersive experience. For now, this technology is expensive but over time with innovation, it will become affordable for all and ultimately gaming will see another phase with the live experience. AR and VR will have a great impact on mobile games too in the coming year.

2. eSports

eSports is now a new gaming strategy and is now gaining popularity.  It is a multiplayer video game played competitively for spectators. Now it is played even on a large scale. In fact, professional players gather at a large place and play it like a real scenario. eSport has gained much popularity now and is increasingly becoming a new gaming trend with giant companies joining hands with big technology. It has started luring big gammers to join in. Now, game studios are evolving and professionalism in eSports has grown widely. Many new technologies are being introduced every day and slowly and adding some new twists in the gaming industry.

eSport and online competitive gaming are expected to become a $1.8 million industry by 2022. eSport Takes the help of face recognition, voice recognition, and wearable technology to give users a real-life experience.

3. 5G

Advancement in technology will bring new breakthrough innovation in a game development company in India 5G technology will increase speed and support live streaming and reduce latency. It will improve the quality of games and steam games online effortlessly. Live streaming will touch new heights. It will be revolutionary in the gaming industry. With the increase in the speed of the internet, gamers will now be able to try out high-quality and high definition graphics in mobile games as well.

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With the increase in speed, we will have a wider scope to inculcate new and latest technology in our gaming industry so people can enjoy their gaming experience without any barrier and hurdle. If you want to succeed in gaming, It is important that you keep up with the new trend every day.

4. Inclusivity

The game development will also include inclusivity. The game will become more inclusive keeping in mind work/Life balance, accessibility features, and increased representation. If you want your game to reach a new dimension then it must be designed in a certain way. Games should be built for the demographic. It is not possible to make a game for everyone individually and customize it according to them, So now developers are focusing on making games that would include a large section of society and would interest all. However, the tech world needs to open for more robust solutions and new strategies to keep unfolding new scope in gaming.

5. The Decrease in Number of Single Players

Now it’s old and boring to play a game alone. With the increasing trend in gaming, people prefer to play in groups rather than to play alone. With the introduction of new technology like VR or eSport, It has become easy to cooperate and coordinate over a phone call. It gives a fun experience to play with your team and feels more lively. Now people prefer to play in a group and enjoy themselves together.

Gaming is done for fun, due to which game development companies in India are now emerging as a new industry and are trying to introduce new technology in gaming and show their creativity. Earlier we would love to sit alone and play and play games alone but now this is past and now we prefer to team up with our group and compete. Single gaming is no cooler.

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The future is now very diverse and it’s beating all previous records, Entering into new technology to make gaming more interesting is the new soul of gaming developers. The more you know about the latest technology the more you succeed in your field. These new changes in the gaming industry are definitely vital and crucial. It will bring a revolutionary change to the gaming industry.

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Game development is the process of making video games, He does the programming of the language, They design the concept into actuality and make it a success. Programmers are responsible for many aspects like gameplay, setting, character development, and many more. With the growth in game development companies in India, the gaming industry in India has upgraded the features and offered experience in accordance with the modern application of technology. So game development companies in India need to market their services and integrate trends with the latest technology in unique combinations and functionality to deliver exciting and fantastic game features luring to gamers.

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