Fun Facts About Feline

Fun Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Feline

Feline can definitely be termed as one of the most common house pets which never fails to amaze us with their unique behavior. Today we are going to try and broaden your knowledge about this four-legged companion by discussing about some of their distinctive attributes:

  • Cats spend about 30-50% of their day grooming themselves. This particular behavior promotes blood flow, maintains proper body temperature and distributes natural oils all over their coat. They also undertake grooming to showcase affection towards their fellow pawsome friends. Their saliva is rich in various forms of enzymes which acts as a natural antibiotic for wounds.
  • The main reason behind the purring behavior of cats has not yet been established until now. However, scientists feel that purring can promote healing and improve bone density. Just because your four-legged friend is purring, it doesn’t mean that they are happy. They are also known to purr while giving birth and whenever they are hurt or feel stressed.
  • About 50% of the feline population do not respond adequately to catnip. This has led scientists to believe that this behavior is somewhat hereditary. If the parents were sensitive to catnip, then chances are high that the kitty will grow up to have a similar craving towards this plant. Your pet might thus display odd behaviors like head shaking, sniffing, rolling around on the ground and head rubbing.
  • Cats often have a tendency of rhythmically massaging us with their paws. The main reason behind the same is to mark you as their territory so that random strays don’t try to get too close. Kittens often knead while inside their mother’s belly for stimulating milk production. This behavior might be carried forward even during adulthood.
  • Felines do not always land on their feet every time they fall. However, all of their four paws touch the ground and they can quickly adjust their body coupled with a fantastic sense of balance. They twist their backbones mid-air while plummeting downwards which buffers them from falling splat on their backs. Cats often spread out their legs which thereafter acts as a parachute to break their fall.
  • One in every 200 indoor kittens succumbs to asthma caused due to human dandruff, dust, cigarette smoke, and even pollen.
  • Ancient Egyptians worshipped Bastet, a half-feline goddess. Death sentences were inflicted on people who killed or harmed these four-legged creatures.
  • Although Sphinx does not have fur coats, their body temperature is about four degrees’ warmer in comparison to their peers.
  • Cats love cuddling up in boxes as it makes them feel more secure and protected. It’s more like being back in their mother womb as they get to retain their body heat for feeling comfortable even in the coldest of nights.
  • Water makes them feel uncomfortable as their fur tends to become soggy. This is the biggest reason why cats don’t prefer taking a bath. It is absolutely frightening for them to lose control over their buoyancy. However certain breeds such as Bengals, Maine Coons and Turkish Van like enjoying a dip pretty often.
  • They are most likely to nibble on salty items like meat slices off your plate but leave all sweet items alone. The main reason behind this is that feline is genetically predisposed for not being able to taste sweets.
  • Kittens often make melancholic noises for securing the attention of their mother. Even big cats are often seen meowing whenever they try to channelize their inner kitty. However, you will rarely find them meowing while interacting with peers.
  • About 200 feral kitties can be seen roaming around Disneyland where they actively participate in keeping the park’s rodent population under control. They are all regularly neutered and sprayed by the park staff who also provide for their medical needs.
  • All types of cat breeds can effortlessly jump up to six times its length or five times its height and still make the whole thing look extremely easy.
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