Fun Activities for Toddlers

Fun Activities for Toddlers During This Covid-19 Pandemic

So, you have the little one at home during this pandemic COVID-19, Huh? Being a parent, these days is an unbelievable experience to be able to bond with your child. As the situation is quite stressful around us due to the pandemic and we have a million other things to do as well, we should think that our toddlers even needs our constant attention and supervision.

All those parents, babysitters, and older siblings must be wondering how to entertain their tiny monsters in the house? For that, we have come up with some of ideas and enjoyable activities that are not only engaging but will even help your toddlers to learn and write more.


toddlers playing with blocks

Blocks are children’s’ all-time favorite toys. It is a fact that pretty much every child grew up playing with blocks, legos, or some other variety like Lincoln Logs. These sorts of toys help teach every toddler fine motor skills. They will somehow learn how to stack the blocks without knocking the tower over. Toddlers learn tolerance as they watch their creation gradually come to life. They can be innovative and creative at the same time and make what they wish and desire.

Blocks are the essence of what a child’s activity ought to be, a pleasant game or activity that makes them learn the skills and aptitudes without even letting them know that they are learning the important lessons of life. The more they get into it, the happier they are.

Sorting Activities

Have you seen those toys that have various shapes and an opening that coordinates with each shape? They are amazing toys for kids as they teach children to think critically and it allows them to open their minds to come up with creative solutions to find out which shape goes where.

Any kind of sorting assists children with learning associations and instructs them to do things that might be hard for them initially but helps them build their cognitive and critical thinking. It even builds a foundation for learning maths later in life. Let’s be honest, many of us still need help in maths till today.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts

Perhaps one of the most ideal approach to encourage your toddler to be innovative and creative is to give them a blank piece of paper and let make anything they desire. Children love coloring, painting, and drawing. You can give them a coloring book and let them choose their favorite colors to color it. Side by side, you can help them with learning the name of the colors and ask them to identify those colors in the environment.

Art and crafts will enable your toddlers to think about how to make a specific shape or line. They can make their artful masterpiece and color everything spontaneously. They can likewise begin to understand that they must color the fire engine red or the water blue. It even helps in refining motor skills as well.

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Anything which involves the alphabets can be used in this category. Starting from foam letters to fridge magnets, most children love figuring out how to form words.

Learning the alphabet is extremely significant as it makes writing and reading possible. By incorporating such activities into your everyday schedule, you are giving your child a chance to build their mental capacity, cognitive power, and intelligence.

Kids love races, so challenge them to spell a word and afterward see in how much have they spelled the word. They will enjoy this friendly competition and will additionally increase their knowledge.

Science Experiment

I still remember my mother first giving me what happens when we put vinegar and baking soda into a bottle together. It was such a fun moment!

Science experiments are marvelous ways to show kids the world around them.

Make your kids think about what will happen when you experiment and afterward show them why the response turned out that way.

An extremely normal and amazing experiment is giving the children oobleck. Oobleck is just water and corn-starch. When impacted, the mixture gets rubbery and firm, while resting, it becomes somewhat like a fluid. Children will adore the various reactions.

Singing Songs

Children start to sing on their own. They hear mother and father or the characters of their most loved shows or videos singing and they join them in.

You should always encourage your children to sing melodies and sing with them. It helps them to find out about music, express feeling and aids them in speaking better. You must have noticed children singing songs and messing a lot of words which makes the song more adorable and charming.


Toddlers own an unbelievable ability to learn. By giving them access to these fun activities that will increase their knowledge, you are allowing them to continue to learn their whole lives. So during this stressful time of the pandemic, let’s release some stress by spending some quality time with little ones.

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