How to Fix Facebook Error When Posting?

In the event that a message like “There Was a Problem Updating Your Status” or “This Message Could Not Be Posted to This Timeline” shows up when you endeavor to post to your profile, more than likely Facebook is encountering system error or server issues. Assuming, in any case, the issue proceeds for a few days, you may need to reset your program reserve or fix facebook error. 

Report a Problem 

Take a stab at posting from another program or gadget, similar to a tablet or cell phone. On the off chance that the issue perseveres paying little mind to what stage you use, from your Web program, click the apparatus symbol on the upper right of the page and afterward, click “Report a Problem.” Describe your concern in the field gave and afterward click “Submit.” 

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Erase Browsing Data

In case you’re ready to refresh your Timeline from another application or gadget, come back to your essential program and clear your treats.

In Google Chrome, peruse to “chrome://settings/clearBrowserData” (without quotes), check just “Erase Cookies and Other Site and Plug-in Data” and “Void the Cache,” and after that click “Clear Browsing Data.”

In Mozilla Firefox, click “Firefox” in the upper left, point to “History” and afterward click “Clear Recent History.” Set “Time Range to Clear” to “Everything,” check just “Treats” and “Reserve,” and afterward click “Clear Now.”

In Internet Explorer, press “Alt-X” to open the Tools menu, point to “Wellbeing” and afterward click “Erase Browsing History.” Deselect “Safeguard Favorites Website Data,” check “Transitory Internet Files” and “Treats,” and after that click “Erase.”

Yet you are unable to fix this error, you can contact our Facebook customer service number to get instant solution. 

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If You Post a Video on Facebook, You Can Follow Things:


Facebook Not Sharing Video? Check Your Video Specs First 

In the event that you meet the blunder of Facebook not posting recordings, at that point you should consider the potential reasons. When we get the correct reasons, at that point we have a greater opportunity to fix Facebook video transfer mistakes in one stage. As a rule, the potential reasons are Facebook video design, video size, term, and video parameter settings. What’s more, Facebook acknowledged measures are beneath. Check if your video is qualified or not. 

Video Size Requirement for Facebook Sharing 

The most extreme size of the considerable number of recordings presented on Facebook will be no more noteworthy than 1.75GB. No base video size is connected. What’s more, if your video record is apparently bigger than what you need, you can apply a solid video pressure programming to pack and therapist the video document size without losing any video quality. 

Video Length 

The regular standard video longer than 20 minutes long will get the FB transfer mistake message. With respect to 360 4K VR video transfer to Facebook, your video length ought to be kept up 6 mins or shorter.



Utilizing Facebook unquestionably accompanies negative impacts, however not every person who uses the site is influenced. Numerous clients can utilize the site capably by not posting an excess of data and not investing a lot of energy on Facebook. In spite of the fact that the long-range informal communication site incorporates some negative impacts, it is as yet worth utilizing. The site encourages individuals to remain associated with loved ones and offer significant or energizing news to a huge gathering of individuals. The site isn’t totally adversely seen, up to a client ponders how they are utilizing it. If you are interested to know about how to recover hacked Facebook account.

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