What Are The Factors Which Affect Our Fitness Level

Being physically fit serves as one of the most important pre-requisites of every human being. It triggers us to move a step towards our end goals. Various factors such as our endurance, muscle strength as well as coordination come together to determine our physical agility. Although various tests like weight lifting capability, number of pull-ups and running times can determine our level of physical fitness. No single test can determine how to fit a particular person is.

The whole thing becomes much more confusing coupled with different health parameters on a daily basis as well as sports specific conditions. An athlete for example goes on a trekking trip during summer months and returns back to his game with greater agility and muscle strength.

However, his fitness level pertaining to a specific discipline, for example running or swimming might deteriorate due to lack of practice. In such a scenario, he might have to undergo intense training for getting back on track of his ultimate health goals. But in the midway, just a small period or dehydration or maybe a night of insomnia can cause detrimental effects on his overall productivity.

Fitness, in general, is affected by the factors lined out below:

Fitness Level due to Injury

Serious injury can adversely affect the health metrics of an individual and determine his ability to participating in other activities. As our body undergoes its normal healing process it impedes your mobility, coordination , and stamina.


The level of fitness is also influenced by our daily diet and nutrition level. In a Modern day, millennials are often seen binging on junk food which just adds up to the total calorie intake without catering to your nutrient requirement.

With time this can lead to weight gain and related ailments like inflammation and chronic arthritis which in turn affects your fitness level.

Parents can have a big role to play in such a case by informing their children about healthy food choices so that they can take a well-informed decision at all times.

Physical Activity

physical activity

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The amount of physical activity undertaken can also have a big role to play in determining your level of fitness. In a Modern day kids can be seen shunning the company of fellow children and spending more time with electronic gadgets. This tends to make them more lethargic with passing time and even leads to a lack of flexibility.

Our fitness level also encompasses our mental agility and that tends to deteriorate as we spend more and more time indoors with just video games and social networking sites for the company.

Fitness Level due to Environment

A healthy environment can positively impact our fitness levels by triggering us to participate in more physical as well as mental workouts. The backing of a proper environment be at school, home or playfields is necessary for ensuring the optimum growth and development of an individual as he hones his skill with new lessons every day.

This also induces mass participation to ensure the fitness of the entire group.


Genetics also has a big role to play in determining the performance of an individual in terms of his physical and mental aptitude. Instances are not rare when genetically impaired organs limit the capacity of an individual by causing structural weakness.

Psychological factors

Psychological factors like tension and anxiety can also significantly affect an individual’s fitness levels. We need to be mentally strong for performing a certain job with precision and in a better way than our peers. Instances are not rare where top-shot athletes missed their mark just because they couldn’t concentrate properly on the end goal.

Fitness Level due to Weather Condition

Last but not least, our fitness level gets significantly impacted by the weather condition. Our productivity tends to increase during winter months in comparison to the smouldering summer season.


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