Exhibition Banner Stands: Cost-Effective and Versatile Choice

High-end trade show booths and displays are expensive, especially for a small company or a startup. If you have budget constraints then you needn’t despair as there are inexpensive display options that allow you to showcase your product at trade shows effectively. One among these is an exhibition banner stands UK. Trade fair banner stands showcase your advertising graphics and keep your marketing budget low at the same time.

Types of Stands


The Roll-up or Retractable Banner Stand –

The popularity of these stands can be attributed to the fact that they are easy to transport and set up.

A stand’s operating mechanism is similar to that of a window shade. The roll-up promotional banner is retracted within a cylinder set in the stand’s base and rolled out for display.

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The L-Banner Stand

The L-shaped frame holds the banner in place with clips, and the lower part of the L rests on the ground.

The X-Banner Stand

The banner is fixed onto an X-shaped frame with clips in four corners. It generally has three legs.

The Pole or Telescopic Banner Stand

These exhibition banner stands UK are constructed from telescoping metal poles that can be aligned to the size of your banners. This is an ideal investment if your banners are of many different sizes.

The Scrolling or Motorized Banner Stand

This stand can add a dash of style and excitement to your booth as it can scroll graphics continuously. These stands can be mounted on either the wall or the floor.

The Outdoor Banner Stand

This type of stand is made from tough, resilient materials and designed to withstand the most adverse weather conditions.

Selecting The Right Stand For Your Needs

It’s crucial that you identify where and how you will be using your banner before you actually go ahead and purchase it. Some issues to look at include:

  • Will it be used in an indoor or outdoor setting?
  • Will you be using it to showcase advertising messages and graphics or just to convey basic information such as contact details?

Personalize The Stand and The Banner

Stands, as well as banners, are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and materials. Choose wisely to create a striking display that adds appeal to your trade fair kiosk.


Save on Your Stands

A stand, with careful use, can last for many years. In order to save on costs, consider buying a second-hand pop-up banner stands the UK instead of a new one.

Similarly, if you have acquired many stands and find that you don’t need them all or are considering upgrades, think about recycling by selling them either to a local firm or a wholesaler.

Use the Stand at Other Venues

Think of ways to use your banners after the trade expo is over. It can be used within your company premises or at marketing events. It may also be used during a business seminar or conference.

In considering long-term use, think over where your prospective customers can be found – would those venues be sporting arenas, hotel lobbies or movie theaters?

Once you have zeroed in on likely locations, you can augment your marketing efforts by placing colorful banners and innovative banner stands at these venues.


How Banner Stands Help in Businesses

By now you have already probably read the banner stands can be of great use for small businesses. They are great tools for the vendor who travels around to different locations just the same as they are for a retail store looking to display an advertisement for a sale.

There are many statements and ideas that can be communicated through the use of a banner and banner stand.

The bottom line is that a stand is going to deliver the same result; an upright position that those passing by will see. The main difference between them comes in the aesthetics of them. Another difference is the need for single-sided banner stands or double-sided varieties.

For a company that is looking for the cheapest roll up banner design available, they will want to look at the X and L banner stand selections. The X stand, as indicated in the description, holds the banner at all four corners and then has an X design on the back.

The L stand has a pole going down the center and then connects at the bottom to the base. Each one will typically be in the same price range with X stands coming in a little more cost-effective depending on the brand.

For companies looking for a high-end banner display that requires virtually no effort, a retractable roll up banner stand is a great solution.

This type comes in a variety of designs including single and double-sided stands. They tend to look the same; however, there are slight differences about them that some people may prefer over another.