Things To Enquire About The Cat Nature

Enquire About Cat Nature From Breeder Before Bringing Them Home

While bringing home a cat, it becomes imperative to have a clear picture regarding its background for staying abreast of problems or Cat nature which might arise in the future. If you have never pedigreed or purchased a cat before, then you need to develop a thorough understanding of the entire process for catering to your responsibilities in a better manner.


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  • One of the biggest influencers of cat nature is whether their parents are certified since certain breeds remain vulnerable to genetic conditions like heart problems. These diseases are mostly inherited by the kitten from their parents. This is why it is necessary to inquire whether the breeder has tested and evaluated their cats for the disease and certification has been received from a veterinary specialist.
  • Cat nature is also determined to a great extent by the titles held by their parents in the pedigree as this serves as a good indication of the fact that the breeder is trying to usher improvements upon the breed. One of the biggest reasons behind a female cat lacking a title is that they go into heat pretty early and the raging hormones can prove to be extremely tasking on their color, coat, and condition.
  • Cat nature depends to a great extent on the social skills which have been imbibed into the little ones from a tender age. They are more likely to come off as cheerful if they have spent considerable time around other felines. The time span ranging from 6 to 16 weeks is very crucial in the life of kittens as this is when they start garnering social skills. Socialization is an important aspect of a cat’s nature and can develop only when the kitten shares a good experience with other felines belonging to varying sizes, ages, and types.
  • Vaccination, as we all know, is extremely crucial for catering to the health metrics of cats. While bringing home a kitten, you need to inquire about the shots he has received already and when will he be due next.
  • Cat nature gets influenced to a large extent by the behavior of their parents. You can ask the breeder for meeting with the kitten’s parents to assess their overall temperament and health metrics. You can also inquire about the breed line that is the longevity of the cat breed and the causes of death of its predecessors. This information can prove to be extremely helpful once your cat starts getting older.
  • Your cat’s nature gets affected if any of the other kittens in the litter fall sick. You need to inquire about the same as well as signs of such ailments and how it was treated.
  • It is essential to have clear knowledge about what the breeder was feeding the kitten before you brought him home. Ideally, you need to feed him the same food during the first few days for minimizing the risk of gastrointestinal disturbances. For maintaining a healthy and happy cat’s behavior, you need to inflict changes on the feline’s diet on a gradual basis.
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Apart from readily answering your questions or write for cats, a reputable breeder will most likely check on the kitten every now and then to ensure that you are properly taking care of him.

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