Engagement Ring Valuation

Is Your Engagement Ring Valuation Precise?

Valuation is done to provide the accurate value and detailed description of your jewelry. Whether you are buying or selling, your jewelry valuation by a qualified expert is very important. Measuring metal and gemstones, their sizes, colors, and clarity will help you get the insurance claim for your jewelry in the event of loss or damage. Other reasons for Engagement Ring valuation include sale, family division or probate for the compliance of tax requirements. 

Valuation is generally important for bespoke jewelry pieces where detailed description with photographs ensures that the right replacement can be sourced. Bespoke jewellery London is a custom made jewelry service and therefore it is necessary to evaluate them and get assured.

Speaking about bespoke jewelry, one of the examples of bespoke jewelry is engagement rings which people usually prefer having their design crafted for their special occasion. These are the most valuable pieces of jewelry. Therefore, engagement ring valuation documents are important majorly for insurance. 

How Is Accuracy Measured?

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The valuation includes a detailed description of the item evaluated. Any certification provided is noted down on the valuation document. It should include details about the metal of the ring as well as stone, carat, weight and monetary value. Some suggestive authorized tests are also applied to strictly assure the authenticity of the ring.

Visiting a certified jewelry valuer is better than visiting the one who is not certified. They have a strict code of conduct and a set of detailed principles for the valuation process. Also, they have other known expertise in their network and therefore can seek out for the opinion of the experts as well. This helps them get fully ensured about every detail to be mentioned in the legal document.

Quality Assessment

Quality assessment is done for those who wish to have their jewelry appraisal and not valuation. In this assessment color, clarity and cut of the gemstones studded in the jewelry are assessed. This assessment is generally done to prove that the customer is the sole owner of their jewelry or if customers wish to check the condition of their jewelry or gemstones that have been damaged. 

The valuation certificate is accurately calculated and detailed document of the jewelry’s monetary value. Appraisals are judgments and assessments done for checking the quantity and quality of the jewelry.

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