Emotional Intelligence – Life’s Thought Under These Two

Emotional intelligence is an intersection of emotions and intelligence. The novice of emotional aptitude is empathy the power to feel what other person is feeling.

It is an amalgamation of communication skills, high level of self-mastery and optimistic perception of people and things. It demarcates warp and woof of the fabric of a balanced life. It is like an X-Factor which differentiates one person from another. Happiness in life depends on how emotionally stable during all situations.

Emotional Intelligence Paradigm has Four Pillars:


(1) Self- Awareness

(2) Self -Management

(3) Social Skills

(4) Relationship Management

For happiness in life 80% EQ (Emotional Quotient) and 20%IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is essential. Emotional intelligence is the magical wand that improves your mind resilience and boosts the power of the mind. It garners self-respect and discipline in oneself.

Everyone wants to be held in high esteem, appreciated, highly regarded or get the affection of others. Be a person who goes out of his way to help his elders, colleagues and young ones with humble respect and recognition. Soon you will be popular among people around you. Join social clubs where people unite to work for the welfare of society. The one who has high emotional intelligence quotient can get along well with every person without being shy or introvert.

People who are popular in social gatherings have a passion to know each other and are a hallmark of pleasant personality. I know a seventy-year-old gentleman who is polite, courteous, loves to make new friends and has warmth in interactions with others. People around him like his company and insist to spend more time with him.


He is congenial and popular among all generations. He has a legacy of love and cares for others to pass it on to his successors. Life is precious don’t waste it in finding faults of other people and criticizing others. Compassion is like a pearl in the sea of emotions. Always keep your emotions full of gratitude and generosity.


To conclude, emotional intelligence makes a person authentic in thinking and decision making. Emotional intelligence forms gems of great value in the treasure of happiness.