EFI Hybrid Printers

EFI: The Only Hybrid Printer with No Compromise

The rapidly changing printing industry has led to the growing demand for high-quality graphics, customization, faster lead times, shorter print runs and continued pricing pressure. And the pressures for manufacturing leaders have also increased.

New printing technologies have entered the industry and continue to expand their reach. However, the initiative is searching for ways of incorporating the advantages of both digital and traditional technologies.

As digital printing continues to broaden its reach in the signage sector, the advantages of digital and analog technology are creatively introduced by printers and converters. EFI Hybrid UV LED Printers have emerged in the signage segment as a way to offer the best and the fastest solution.

What Is Digital UV Hybrid Printing?

The Capabilities of Printing both roll-to-roll, flexible sheets, and rigid substrates. The optimum flexibility, fast changeover, and versatility of Hybrid roll-to-roll flatbed printers make the highly cost-effective and an ideal choice for an array of applications. The EFI UV Digital Inkjet Technology has played an instrumental role in leading the analog to the digital revolution. 

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Key Benefits of Hybrid Printing

To consider the future of Hybrid LED printer suppliers and how it reinforces the signage printing industry. With Digital Hybrid UV LED Printer, you can print on almost all substrates with ease. 

Hybrid printing helps you represent a more significant portion of the business segment, as many printing processes can be combined, and the benefits can be utilized. The advanced and technologically superalive printers such as EFI VUTEk h3 & EFI VUTEk h5 has brought a revolution in the hybrid printing industry.

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A suite of advanced features is paired with hybrid features that allow you to customize print runs and meet customer demands. The benefit? For your clients, you can deliver a wide variety of applications and possibilities.

Increased Efficiency

It is essential to ensure that the printing process is as short as possible because of the demand for quick lead times. Hybrid LED Printers essential advantage is improved production; it allows for more work to be completed in a shorter period.

Hybrid printers can handle an enormous amount of work. You can gain the flexibility to print a more significant number of short print runs on large runs or reduce production costs.

Easy Scheduling

Since you need limited effort to print the finished product, imagine how much easier it is to schedule work. The power-packed range of EFI printers not only ensures higher productivity but also fast-paced quality printing.


The Hybrid printers are an ideal choice for those looking out for spectacular finesse, top-notch quality, and precision printing. Hybrid printers make it possible to achieve huge print volumes in a limited span of time.

Although four of the five panellists represented companies providing standalone hybrid solutions, retrofitting existing traditional digital technology equipment has also emerged as an excellent opportunity for hybrid capabilities to be introduced by printers.

For both long and short print runs, Hybrid LED Printers suppliers combination in a hybrid system like EFI VUTEk HS125 Pro provides the most cost-effective solution. 

Among them are many tangible benefits that allow shops to win greater flexibility, a wider array of capabilities, and lower materials, energy, and labor costs into new opportunities for profit. Hybrid UV printers are extensively used by many large and small print shops due to their striking features and ergonomic design. These printers are very simple to use and can help one expand and diversify the printing business exponentially. 

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The EFI UV LED Hybrid Printers are designed for high production throughput, higher volumes, and shorter lead times while maintaining image quality. And you get the versatility to support the widest range of media and applications.

Hybrid Printer offers advantages of three-layer printing and white layer printing capabilities, and allows printing white in six variations such as overprint, under print, spot, under-spot, fill and over-spot. The dual-roll capability of these printers enables one to print up to two 60-inch rolls at one goes. The EFI’s portfolio of advanced and contemporary printers is an integrated solutions for those looking out for versatile, cost-effective and advanced printers.

The printer can print on a range of direct-to-substrate materials and replaces multiple low productivity printers for a profitable and productive business.

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The hybrid printer’s LED inks emit low VOCs, and the cool curing technology in the printer renders lower running costs, low air conditioning and maintenance. This enables customers to produce near-photographic image quality, vibrant colors and smooth gradations with true eight-level variable drop grayscale print capability to enhance customer satisfaction. The hybrid printer helps us extend the offerings and customer base with multilayer print capability, greener printing solution.

 The EFI printers are a combination of everything which helps you to grow your business and differentiate you from the competition. It opens the door for many more applications and makes you stand out of the box.

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