Best Ways to Hang Drum Chandeliers for Better Home Decor

We all know that lighting is the most important aspect of any home. If it is not done correctly, it may deteriorate the overall look of your home. And when we are talking about lighting, what can be a better option than the chandeliers. The chandeliers are the modern way of lighting up your house and improving the home decor at the same time. Out of many chandelier options available in the market, drum chandeliers are getting a lot of limelight.

You might have always seen drum chandeliers in kitchens and dining rooms. But you will be glad to know that you can use this simple, clean light in almost every room of the house. If you use drum chandeliers in your living room, you will be able to bring a different design element to it.

Here Are The Best Ways In Which You Can Hang Drum Chandeliers For Better Home Decor-

You Can Use them in Place of Table Lamps

When you are facing space limitation and there is no space for even the side tables in the arrangement, drum chandeliers can be your perfect choice. You can use a darker fabric made drum shade to get the right amount and kind of light for a seating area. This way you will be able to brighten up your space without making it look congested.

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Let them Direct Light


Drum chandeliers are perfect for your space where you need direct light. You can wrap it with a bronze-coloured shade to make any interior look elegant. When you wrap the chandelier with the shade, the light is forced down instead of our and hence, creating a more intimate lighting environment.

You Can Create the Right Scale for Space

The scale is an important factor to consider with any kind of design. If you have a two-story living room, a large scale shade that is a mix of an outer, silver organza shade with a custom printed inner shade is perfect for your requirements. In the end, you get elegant and eye-catching results you have been looking for.

Enhance an Eclectic Mix by Adding More Patterns

If you use an awe-inspiring mix of colours and patterns in your space, the ceiling-mounted drum chandelier with a pattern enhances its overall look. It will add the necessary geometric pattern to your space and becoming an elegant source of light at the same time.

You Can Use it As a Table Lamp

Desk space is an important part of any home. To use it in your colourful office, you can bring down the drum chandelier just above the desk to give the effect of a soft work light. Go for a simple white shade that won’t detract from the colourful designs but provide the space with the perfect amount of task lighting at the same time.

Replace the old Ceiling Fixtures with Stylish Options


There is no denying the fact that you give your bedroom ceiling a second thought. No matter what, a stylish, functional light in the bedroom is a must. Look for a fixture that hangs down the ceiling enough to bring down the light into space. You can get an opaque diffuser at the end of the chandelier so that the light spreads out and not down.

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What About Lighting a Billiards Table!

Imagine a stained glass billiards table in your space. Go for two large drum chandeliers with a simple linear perfect. These make a perfect and stylish alternative to make your entertainment room a better place.

Use Multiple Chandeliers to Light Up your Hall


Using around three chandeliers can bring the right amount of light to your hallway. These multiple fixtures distribute the light evenly in all directions. If you prefer, you can also give a wooden detail to these chandeliers for a more architectural feeling.

Replace Floor Lamp with a Drum Chandelier

With a properly designed drum chandelier, you can bring light to an unused corner too. You can create a perfect reading area with the light. And if you place the chandelier in front of the mirror, the reflected light will brighten up the area additionally.

There are many ways of using drum chandeliers to meet your unique requirements. Make sure that you take a glance at the number of options available in the market to find the best option for you.

About the Author

Michel Jonson is the co-owner of the leading brand Classical Chandeliers, it is the online store having the best range of Chandeliers Lighting, Crystal chandeliers, Traditional Chandeliers and many more for home or commercial purpose.

Michel Jonson

Michel Jonson is the co-owner of the leading brand Classical Chandeliers, it is the online store having the best range of Chandeliers Lighting, Crystal chandeliers, Traditional Chandeliers and many more for home or commercial purpose.