Dog Wash – Making Things Easier for You

In this article, we will explain to you how to give the best dog wash. Have you adopted a puppy and want to learn some basic grooming? The dog wash is a crucial aspect when you own a puppy. You may be exhausted after paying groomers and may want to try washing and treating your dog at home. In this guide, we hope to elaborate the basics in the best way, we can wash our dogs, including when, why, and how. We will also discuss problems faced by most people new to the dog-grooming world.

Dog Washing


The most important thing to remember is that you want the puppy to have a good experience when you are washing it. Dog wash can be frustrating for some dog owners, as dogs refuse to get groomed or washed. You would want the dog to enjoy the washing process. When you are washing your dog, begin slowly, with one thing at a time, and be sure to give your dog plenty of delights during and after each task.

Some dogs do not like to be blow-dried. If your dog despises this part, save his favorite treat for when you undergo this step. This will help to build their motivation to tolerate that part of the process because it will be aware that it will receive its favorite treat after the process.

You can also try breaking down the washing process up into several different sessions. For example, wash him one day, then trim his nails the next day, and such. Dividing the grooming into different sessions is a lifesaver, and makes the washing process tolerable for the dogs.

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Dog Nail Trimming


The next part after dog wash is nail trimming. This is a part of grooming that every dog needs. Long nails can cause a lot of problems in dogs, including trouble walking, arthritis, and curvature of the nails into the skin. It can be very painful for the pups to have nails poking in their feet, and every step can be troublesome.

The process of nail trimming does not need to be regular. In general, you should trim your dog’s nails once a month. Some dogs will need frequent nail trimming, depending on the growth rate of their nails.

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For example, big-sized dogs walk on sidewalks or asphalt, more than an hour on a daily basis. It causes harm to their nails, by wearing them; therefore, they need little trimming apart from their dew claws. Small dogs tend to go for shorter walks and need their nails to be cut after every few weeks. If your dog mostly stays indoors, he may not need as much regular trimming, unless his nails grow at an extremely fast rate.

You may already be aware of the fact that dogs have a vein in their nails which bleeds and hurts if you trim the nails too short. For dogs which do not get their nails trimmed on a regular basis, the vein grows as the nails grow longer. If this case is similar to your dog, you need to trim only a small portion of their nails to train the vein shrink back into the nail. Using a grinder is the best method for this.

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If you are using nail clippers, make sure you use specific dog nail clippers. The most convenient method to trim your dog’s nails is to position your dog in a way where you can flip it’s paw back and look at the underside. Once you see this, you should start by trimming a little bit at a time.

Some dogs also have white nails. With such dogs, you will be able to see the vein inside the nail and know where to cut. For dogs with darker colored nails, start cutting off a little bit at a time. You will see a tiny black dot surrounded by a white area. This is when you know you should stop.

The best way to keep your dog’s nails short and smooth is by using nail grinders. With nail grinders, there is a significantly lower risk of cutting the nails too short. Nail grinders may be loud, which can be intimidating for your pup. If that is the case, you may need to introduce it to your dog slowly.

Use the same process to take off a little bit at a time until you see the dot in the middle of the nail showing that you have cut them short enough. If the nails start to bleed, you can apply styptic powder, which will stop the bleeding. You can also try a homemade remedy if you do not have styptic powder at hand, by using flour or cornstarch to impede the bleeding.



The important step after dog wash and nail trimming is brushing. A dog’s coat is full of debris and bacteria, and if you don’t brush them regularly, your dog could spread a lot of dirt inside. Dogs also have hair that shed, and if you don’t brush them, you will end up with dog hair everywhere around your house. Every dog, whether he stays indoors or outdoors, needs at least occasional brushing. Whether your dog has long or short hair. Yes, even your short-haired dog.

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Most short-haired dogs shed at least a little bit. By using the right brush, you will ensure that the loose hair is thoroughly removed, and it will also spread your dog’s natural oils through his coat for a healthy shine.

Every dog coat requires different types of brushing methods, and the safest comb type for all dog hair is metal comb.

When you do a dog wash, you must also remember to brush their teeth. Dogs can get periodontal diseases by the time they are three, due to neglect by owners. If you forgo this step, they may end up getting gum disease, which can lead to weak teeth, teeth falling out, abscesses, heart disease, or even death. The accumulated bacteria in the dog’s teeth can enter into their bloodstream, which can be life-threatening for pups.