diamond drilling and sawing

A Comprehensive Details About Diamond Drilling And Sawing

Many companies are offering you professional and proficient services of diamond drilling and sawing. Diamond drilling is considered as the most efficient and standard methods for drilling hole both for industrial and constructional sectors.

Additionally, these methods are used to make holes in different materials quickly and efficiently. Over conventional drilling, this method is one of the best noise-free practices to make holes on various materials. They are hiring professional services to help you in making accurate holes by using efficient drilling techniques. They efficiently carried out the drilling procedure with high standards and lessened the risk of damages.

Types Of Diamond Sawing:

There are following types of diamond sawing, including;

  • Floor sawing
  • Wire sawing
  • Wall sawing
  • Rings and chainsawing

Key Features:

Following are the various critical features of diamond drilling and sawing, including;

  • Make holes approximately 8mm – 1,500 mm
  • Low noise creates less disruption
  • Always use light weighted and probable types of equipment
  • Most precise techniques for drilling various sized holes
  • Electric hydraulic and compressed air both are the range of power source
  • Maintain structural integrity
  • Use non-percussive technologies
  • In finished areas always used wet-drilling methods
  • High-performance auto-rigs

Advantages Of Diamond Drilling And Sawing:

Following are the main advantages of hiring professionals services of diamond drilling and sawing, including;


Efficient diamond drilling and sawing are tended to make holes approximately 1,500mm. In case you need large and long holes, professionals use another technique called “stitch drilling” which helps you in drilling many numbers of overlapping holes to get unconventional shapes and large openings. Professionals use these techniques also in confined spaces and even underwater. This technique is suitable for every type of working environment, as they create minimal disruption. Most of the professional use diamond drilling techniques as they make very less noise and dust.

High-Quality Types of equipment:


Hiring professional services use late-machines or types of material and the most excellent techniques to make accurate holes without causing any structural damages. These services create precise holes by using proper drilling methods and create less debris, which helps you in saving both time and cost of disposal. Professionals also come along with high-quality, portable and light-weighted pieces of equipment to do the job right.

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Noise-Free Technique:

Regardless, diamond drilling and sawing techniques create less noise, that is why this method is immensely popular among the construction business. Professionals use diamond drilling techniques, as they have high-speed and low noise level, which helps them to work without disturbing others. Majority of the reputed companies use this technique, especially in construction sites which help them to work day and night. This technique helps you to complete the task within a short duration of time. However, they create less disruption around the construction areas and cause fewer disturbances, which help others to concentrate on their work.

Fast And Efficient:

Due to its strength, diamond drilling and sawing are widely used as they considered as the quickest and efficient drilling techniques, as they create holes in concrete, asphalt and stones. Diamond drilling techniques are also used for utility purposes such as plumbing, electrics and HVAC fitting. Besides, they create less mess and easily break the construction materials into small pieces. Using this technique, you can get a precise and clean opening within your walls and floors. Additionally, professionals use diamond drilling techniques as compared to traditional drilling techniques as they create rough, untidy and uncontrolled opportunities. However, experts use the most excellent grade tools and new technologies to make precise holes with less patchwork.


Reputed companies provide you professional, experienced and skilful artistry to efficiently do the job right in the first place. They use a versatile range of tools or specs to make holes in every type of surfaces, even on rocks as well. Using this technique helps you in saving your hard-earned money. This technique is instrumental and cost-effective, as they can easily create holes on any hard surface. Moreover, rather than other average drillers, diamond drilling and sawing has a greater lifespan. Seeking help from professionals help you in saving a considerable number of your efforts, time and money too.

Reasons Why Hire Professionals:

Following are the main reason which explains why to hire professional services diamond drilling and sawing, including;

  • Safety
  • The great wealth of experience
  • Quality
  • Professionals and experienced
  • Correctly done the job
  • Long-term protection
  • Save time
  • Work in tight spaces
  • Performed underwater
  • Precise technique
  • Cut through any materials
  • Ideal for the working environment