Designing Tips For Double-Story House

5 Tips to Consider While Designing a Double-Story House

Living in an owned house is one of the priceless dreams of people across the world. You want it to be perfect, and hence you get ready to invest your hard-earned money in it. Well, the two-story house will help you to achieve the most of it. Still, you can go through the pros and cons of building or designing a double-story house.

However, building a two-story house is not a child’s game; you need to be practical enough. Do not leave everything onto your contractor. To aid you, we’ve laid down five tips which will help you in designing a double-story house, so read ahead.

Tips For Designing Double-Story House

Designing Double Story House

1. Pick Up an Ideal Layout Plan

Before you kick off your search for a builder, pick up a floor plan based on your needs and lifestyle. Well, this is the reason for the double-story house concept getting so much popularity. You can decide how you want to design your interior.

Hence, determine what will stay downstairs, what must go upstairs, and how many rooms you’d require. However, land size and budget are vital factors, so do consider them too for your final decision. You can also stick by the traditional plan like keeping private space (bedroom and bathroom) upstairs. And the living room, home office, guest room, and kitchen can be on the ground floor.

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When talking about the exterior part, you can decide whether you want to have a swimming pool or kids’ play area. The best thing you can do is to draw a rough sketch, depending on your needs, to let your builder know about your basic needs.

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2. Identify the Right Home Builder

Gulp one thing properly: Not all home builders know about building a two-story house. Therefore, while searching for a company, you need to find which one knows the specific issues that could take place in a two-story concept. Additionally, they should be masters in dealing with these situations effectively.

Understand how much they know about the licensing issues and their knowledge of local regulations. They should be able to build ahome, considering the weather conditions in your locality. Along with this, they must be able to source the best raw materials for your house, sticking tightly to your budget.

3. Make Staircase the Shining Star of Your House

Well, we’re not saying to add glitters onto your staircase! Give a fantastic design so that your guests would get attracted to it when they enter your home. Single-story homes don’t get such good opportunities, so think about the design and the material that you want to use.

Nowadays, various ideas are floating on the Internet that would help in designing your staircase. You can elegantly place wooden steps, save the space with metal and glass, or make it modern and circular.

In case you’ve space left underneath your staircase, then you can think about utilising them. Who doesn’t need extra storage space? So, the problem is solved. Make it beneficial through study nook or adding storage there.

4. Think About Your Future Needs Too

At this time, it may look like a perfect home, but you may also need to consider your long-term requirements. There’s no doubt the needs change from time to time. So, if you’re planning to spend your retirement days in a two-story house, then think twice about the staircase. Consider your health issues, which might hinder moving up and down through the stairs.

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You can solve this issue by installing a small lift in the house. It will be a great addition to your home for not only managing age-related problems but also for moving groceries up and down.

5. Study Your Surroundings Properly

You must gain knowledge about the surroundings of your property and the shape of the block of your land. Contemplate its orientation and the components that surround your land like trees and buildings. All of this information will help you to determine the best design for your double-story house.

Pro Tip

Make sure your builder raises the ceiling higher during construction. It will help you to create an illusion of maximum space, keeping the house cooler during summer days.

The Bottom Line

For most of you, designing or building a double-story house might be an expensive decision. Hence consider the above-listed tips and make it a lifetime achievement. In addition to this, choose designs that will allow sunlight to enter your house as much as possible. Even embracing open living plans can take you far with the extension of the space.

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