Dapper Man Style Tips

10 Style Tips That Every Dapper Man Must Know in 2020-2021

Choosing what to wear has never been easy for a man ever. How many times did you notice yourself opting for the same style over and over again? Whether it’s a wedding ceremony you have to attend or an office annual dinner how many times did you find yourself confused?

Well, you need not worry because why not go for a dapper style coming the year 2020-2021? The classic dapper style awed millions since the popularity of AMC’S Mad Men. Seems amazing? When was the last time you put on that lowly T-shirt? Or you’re your favorite custom leather jacket. Long time? Well, then be ready because the time to pull those shirts out from your bags is here!

Below are the Dapper Style Tips:

1. Sport Coat, Suits & Blazer

Jackets, Blazers, and Suits that adds into the styling. Right? Then, it is essential for you to keenly choose one of these. While opting for a dapper style what’s mandatory for you learn to differentiate between the three types of outerwears.


It is usually dressier than a sports coat but a formal in comparison to the suits. These are of solid colors, crafted from wool, and comprises metal buttons at its front. To fashion up your dapper style you can wear it with chinos.

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Sports Coat

Sports Coat is less fancy than a blazer and is crafted of linen or cotton and goes well with jeans.

Suit Jacket

This jacket deciding to go for a suit jacket then make sure you carry it with those with matching trouser

2. Dress Shirts To Own/ Shirt Styles

When done with deciding outerwear the next crucial thing would be to opt for an elegant dress shirt. Decided to go tieless? Then, a semi-spread collar would definitely be the one you should go for with a classic Goku dragon ball z bomber jacket

You can go for a windowpane/ tatter shirt if you have decided to choose blazer, oxford shirts if sports coat’s your choice and poplin/pinpoint or T will if you have decided to go for a suit jacket.

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3. Shirt Tones

Choosing a fine shirt style with your outer wear can get a bit confusing but once done you are good to go. The other half confusion arrives when one has to match their shirts with their outer wear.

While deciding your outer wear make sure you choose an inner shirt of lighter tone than the outer wear. To enhance your look.

4. Pocket Square


You see pocket square as a single piece of clothing. Little do you know how this single piece of clothing can tremendously uplift your dapper style and can immensely enhance your entire look?

While adopting a dapper style, keep your pocket square’s edge a bit tipped. And fold it nonchalantly in your pocket.

To further elevate your dapper style a pocket square of lighter color tone would be a perfect choice.

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5. Learning to Wear Tie Clips and Tie Bars

Thanks to the Americans for airing and directing the shows like Mad Man and the actors like Ryan Gosling that brought the renaissance of the tie clips and tie bars in the past few years.

Many people miss the point to correctly adjust the tie clips and tie bars. There are only two types of clips you must look into the side clasp tie bar and the pinch clasp tie bar. For an instant sartorial cred, throw your suit on your bold-colored tie clip.

6. Get a Pair of Jeans

To maintain a high toned dapper style, select a selvedge slim fit jeans in dark wash.

 7. Choosing the Perfect Sock Pair

Most dudes find it extremely confusing to opt a fine and perfectly match pair of socks.

Choosing a pair of sock that match your trouser would definitely be an amazing choice. But why? The matching pair of socks make your legs look longer and can be a way to enhance your footwear/ shoes.

8. Deciding Foot Wears

Do you own a leather, derby or an oxford pair of shoes? No. Then what are you waiting for. Get a gorgeous pair of one of these shoes to elevate your dapper style this year.

9. Rolled Up Sleeves

Why roll up your sleeves? To give a casual look and a bit classy, rolling up sleeves is an extremely wonderful idea. Unbutton your gauntlet buttons and cuff buttons and fold the sleeve up to your elbow, the roll must be a bit sloppy.  

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 10. Hairstyles

And finally, your hairstyles that graces your final look is what needs a little focus. Looking for a perfect hairstyle to grace your dapper look? Then, Low Skin Fade with Quiff, mild bald fade with comb over and mid fade with spike front are trending.

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These amazing 10 tips will assist you to attain a perfect and charming dapper style this year.