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Custom Cabinets vs Stock Cabinets – Which Is Better?

Designing a home is not an easy task. One goes through a lot of research and prepares a long list of likes and dislikes. Home designing as a whole is a wider term and actually, it is divided into different parts. One can individually work on improving those parts according to their preference.

Now, if you are someone who loves food and considers the kitchen as a holy place, then you just can’t stop making changes in it. A kitchen in any household is a focal point where people come together and share some great conversations. It is a place where families meet after a busy day and can relax.

With so many kitchen appliances and utensils to deal with, you need a well-planned kitchen setup. It becomes more important when you are renovating a small kitchen. You need to be accurate and precise with the entire planning to use the available space to its fullest.

Now, the best place to store all the kitchen utensils and appliances, you need cabinets that offer enough storage space and also enhance its aesthetic appeal. Basically, you have two options when it comes to kitchen cabinet designs – whether to get stock kitchen cabinets or custom kitchen cabinets.

Stock Kitchen Cabinets and Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Stock Cabinets

Stock kitchen cabinets are readymade cabinets that can be straightaway fixed in your kitchen. They are made according to standard measurements that can fit most of the kitchens with few adjustments. On the other hand, custom kitchen cabinets are designed specifically keeping in mind the kitchen it is supposed to be fixed in.

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A lot of people get confused when choosing the right kitchen cabinet. Stock kitchen cabinets have lower costs than custom kitchen cabinets. The time taken to construct and fix custom cabinets is more than that taken for fixing stock cabinets. But custom kitchen cabinets have their own set of benefits. Considering all the benefits it has to offer, spending a little more is totally worth it.

The following are some of the benefits of custom kitchen cabinets, to help you out in making a decision.

Complete Space Utilization

Stock cabinets are made with some standardised dimensions. So, when you fix those in your kitchen, there is bound to be a lot of wastage of space. Ifyou select custom made kitchen cabinets, they will perfectly fit your kitchen and you will be able to utilise your kitchen space perfectly. With custom kitchen cabinets, you can maximise your storage space even in a small kitchen. You get to decide which corner of the kitchen gets more storage space according to your needs and accessibility. Also, if you are a minimalist, you can get fewer cabinets made and get more open space in the kitchen which you would not have gotten in the case of stock cabinets.

Personalized Design

Is your height 5’2” or is it 7”1’? A tall person can comfortably use cabinets that are located at a height while a short person would not be comfortable in using those cabinets. Stock cabinets are manufactured keeping in mind the average height 5’8” as reference. On the other hand, custom cabinets can be made specifically for your height. This improves the accessibility of cabinets in the kitchen. Also, when you get your cabinets custom-designed, you get to personalise it according to your style. This will solve the issue of not able to reach the tight spot. And as a result, you will able to work fast, rather than looking for the stool.

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Durability and Higher Quality Craftsmanship

This is the best upside of custom kitchen cabinets. You get to decide the material type and oversee the construction work. Due to this, you get quality craftsmanship and cabinets made with quality materials, making them durable and long-lasting. Stock cabinets are made in bulk on assembly lines and then are transported to a showroom to be sold. Whereas, custom cabinets are made exclusively for you, one at a time. There is no chance of mass-producing custom cabinets as each design is different. Due to this, the construction process is given more attention and you get a better-quality product.


With stock kitchen cabinets you are stuck with some basic designs. You just can’t innovate. You are limited to choices available in the market and you have to settle for common design. By using custom kitchen cabinets in your kitchen, you will negate the same old design pattern present in the market. One has the freedom of making several cabinets to cater to a specific need. Custom cabinets are best for those who are looking for an aesthetically appealing cabinet option. It gives your kitchen the uniqueness, which you won’t get from stock cabinets.


Although custom kitchen cabinets will cost you a little extra than its alternatives. But while implementing innovative kitchen designing ideas, you will have complete freedom in choosing the best design of your choice. Custom kitchen cabinets are the best option for your kitchen remodeling venture.

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