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8 Creative Uses For Your Loft Conversion

Having your loft converted is a fantastic way to maximize the space you have in your home.  Rather than having your attic as a junk room that houses things you don’t use very often, make it a functional space that adds a great amount of value to your house.

There are so many fun things that you can do with space, so have a read on and prepare yourself to be inspired to take the leap and have your loft converted!

8 Creative Uses for Loft Conversion

1. Dressing Room

Dressing Room

Are your wardrobes overflowing and do you struggle to find the clothes you’re looking for? A large dressing room in your loft could be the answer! Opt for fitted wardrobes throughout to leave plenty of space in the center of the room for an island to house your accessories, jewelry, and watches.

Having Dorset windows on one wall will create a bright spot perfect for a dressing table with ample makeup storage. Depending on the space, you could have a wall added and a bathroom fitted to create a multi-functional and tranquil space.

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2. Cinema

Home Entertainment Space

If films are more your thing, creating a home entertainment space is something that all the family will be able to make use of.

If you’re wanting to do this, make sure your attic is well insulated to stop any noise pollution and invest in some blackout blinds to really recreate the cinema feel. You could even have a drinks and snacks section with a minifridge to one side.

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In terms of the screen, the most cost-effective option would be a projector. Prepare yourselves to be the most popular sleepover spot, as not many houses have their own cinema!

3. Home Gym

Home Gym

For the gym bunnies out there, there’s nothing better than having your own workout space in your house. You’ll struggle to find excuses not to go when it’s just upstairs! You can blast your workout music and have plenty of space to move around.

If you’re into calmer workouts like yoga, you can even get soft flooring to make the experience as relaxing as possible. If you’re into more intense workouts, spin classes for example, why not have LED lights fitted to really recreate the atmosphere of the gym.

This will be a great investment to save you plenty of money on gym memberships. 

4. A Loft Bar

For the ultimate entertaining space, turn your loft into a bar area! This is a great option no matter what the size or shape of your loft is. Start with a statement bar with plenty of space for all your favorite drinks, and if possible, having a tap and fridge fitted here is really handy.

Go super sleek with mostly neutral colors and hints of metal, or go for a more eclectic look with a variety of patterns and lots of greenery for an exotic feel. This is a great investment, and if you ever go to sell your house, will certainly give the house a unique selling point!

5. Dream Bathroom

Dream Bathroom

Most often, when converting bathrooms you are restricted space-wise. Converting your loft could be the perfect opportunity to achieve your dream bathroom.

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Think a large barn style door, occasionally exposed brick features, a large double shower, and sinks for two. If you live in a secluded area, you could have a freestanding bathtub by a large window for the ultimate feeling of relaxation.

We spend an awful lot of time in the bathroom, so having a spa-like sanctuary is a great way to unwind after a difficult day or to clear your head before your day begins. There’s only one problem, you’ll never want to leave? 

6. Sleepover Room

Teenagers like to have their own space, especially when their friends come round. You can create the perfect space for your teens and their friends in the attic with comfy beanbags, video games, a projector, and a snack bar.

Not only with this give your teens the space that they crave, but will also keep the noise away from you! Keep the color scheme quite neutral, and then once your children have outgrown the room, you can convert it into something else that you will make use of for years to come. 

7. Family Library

Family Library

If you’re a family who loves to read, converting the loft into a family library is a great way to utilise the space. It can be a relaxing space without any TV’s or iPad’s to help you unwind without any distractions.

You can install skylights to create a bright, airy space and have fitted bookshelves around the room with specific sections for your favorite genres.

If you have the budget and the planning permission, you could create a reading nook with dormer windows and a decadent designer sofa or chair to feel the luxury of being in the famous Lello Bookstore. If you would like to use the space to create a sanctuary that you can escape to and get lost in your favourite book, a family library would be perfect for you. 

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8. Large Office Space

This one may seem slightly less exciting than the others, but a loft conversion provides the ultimate opportunity for a large, airy and spacious office. You can install highly effective storage to keep all of your files in order and have a large desk under a skylight for the perfect working area.

If you work from home, it can often be difficult to separate home life and work life, so to have a room that you can shut the door on at the end of the day is great for people’s wellbeing. 


Converting your loft can be expensive, however, for many people, the added benefits of the investment are worth it. Most people’s attic space is wasted, filled with things like Christmas decorations and old school books that could easily be stored in the garage.

Before moving house, consider a loft conversion, as you will be amazed at the difference that an extra bit of space makes!

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