Coronavirus Lockdown: How to Responsibly Practice Social Distancing

Lockdown and Coronavirus are all that buzzing all around the world. ‘Social distancing is the only solution to break the chain of rapidly increasing cases of COVID-19’. We know your thoughts are putting a big question mark on this statement. You must be wondering ‘what about groceries? How we are going to survive without the essential needs? And the list goes on and on and on. 

Yeah, you are right. The situation is getting worse, not only in terms of death cases but also in terms of financial crisis too. The entire world is experiencing a huge downfall and none of us could do anything about this, except for maintaining a social distance. 

We understand that quarantine just sounds cool although, actually it’s one of the most challenging things especially for the ones who are extroverts. Ok, so let’s show an expression of (sympathy) for all extroverts out there. 

Anyways, it’s time to focus on how we can safely practice social distancing without comprising on our basic needs. Yeah, you are allowed to shop in a limited period of time but still, even at this time you need to be very careful. Please stop assuming that ‘corona’ could never effect during your shopping time. It’s just a myth (or maybe your assumption).   

Here, we will share some of the useful tips with which you could safely perform social distancing without being in quarantine. Let’s begin. 

Carry Your Weapons 


Oh no, not your gun or other dangerous weapons. I meant ‘stay hygiene’ weapons. Like sanitizer, mask, gloves and all other essentials. By the way, don’t forget to dispose of used tools. One of the biggest mistakes many individuals repeating is, reusing the used essentials instead of disposing of them. Please don’t do this.

Besides this, when you go outside avoid making unnecessary touch. Like, avoid holding the handle of a staircase or other similar things. Oh, by the way, don’t for the handshake or hug (not even unintentionally). We know that many of you would get excited to see your friend in the mart. Please have some control, you are in the social distancing phase. Relax!  

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Make An Action Plan 

Yeah, we know that your quarantine is almost like a prison but, please don’t be stupid enough to roam in town just to get rid of boredom. The first and foremost thing which you need to remind is, you are not on annual leaves. It’s a pandemic phase and we all have to act responsibly.

For this, always make an action plan before leaving your comfort zone (house). For instance, if you are going for grocery then make a list also, try reaching the nearest store. Avoid traveling unnecessarily. Apparently, one of the essay help in London highlighted this issue and wrote that the major reason the country is failing to break the chain is that people are traveling unnecessarily and this way, public placed are being crowded.

Stay Alone, Stay Safe 

Well, this doesn’t mean that you should throw away all of your family members. No, please don’t take it in that way. This simply means that you must go outside solo. Instead of taking all your buddies or siblings along with you, just prefer going all alone. Especially avoid taking children outside. This is really dangerous.

If you really think that you are a responsible citizen and aim to contribute equally to break this Corona chain then you have to act responsibly. No matter what. So, it’s better to go alone. Of course, you are not going to have fun then why to take the whole bunch of humans with you. Remember that your one act could make or break the situation.  

Avoid Going In The Afternoon 

One of the biggest issues officials are confronting is that the crowd unexpectedly increases and the reason is that majority of people prefer visiting marts in the afternoon, we all wonder why. Maybe this is because each day has turned into a Sunday and no one wants to wake up early morning. Well, ok that’s great that you all are making your quarantine enough comfy. But, this same factor could turn into a real disaster for many of you.

If you really want to maintain social distancing safely then avoid visiting markets at peak time (in the afternoon). After all, breaking this COVID-19 chain is not the responsibility of one person, we all have to contribute equally. Many assignment writing services suggested that making action plans could work as the best yet effective technique in this condition. 

Stop Being Lazy 

The days are gone when being lazy was not a big issue. Now, we all are living under strict restrictions. If each one started spending three or four hours in the markets then this would eventually make places enough crowded. So, it’s time to stop being lazy. Try being impulsive when it comes to doing shopping or other outside activities. Making people wait for hours is a cruel act, in the present time situation.

For this, you could try some techniques like making research on the products you are planning to buy as well as write an article if you have a passion of writing. This way, you do not have to invest time in evaluating the prices, quality or other aspects. Before leaving, make sure you are all set to buy your product or go with the finalized decision. When in doubt, avoid leaving your house.

Yes, I know this would sound quite absurd to you but, in this situation, these are the only practices that could help in making the situation better. 

Let’s wind up here. The situation is getting out of control in many countries and we all need to understand that each of us contributes to making things better. If you think that you are not responsible then you are absolutely thinking wrong.

We all are equally responsible and need to assure that we are acting more like a sensible citizen than being selfish. So, enjoy your quarantine by treating yourself with scrumptious food items, making time for your hobbies. Stay home, stay safe.