Save Excel File as PDF and XPS

How To Save Excel files as PDF and XPS print and Share

Excel in its latest versions, Excel 2010 and Excel 2007, allows you to easily convert your files with an Excel extension, xlsx, to a document in PDF format.

The company Adobe Systems, dedicated to the manufacture of software, is the one that devised the pdf format, whose acronym in English means Portable Document Format, (portable document format in Spanish) and which is especially suitable for documents to print.

The Adobe program must be installed on your computer in order to complete what you are going to learn in this article, either in its free version Adobe Reader or in the paid version.

In other Excel versions it was necessary to use an external tool to perform this conversion, but now you can do it directly without leaving your spreadsheet program. 

Converting or saving electronic sheets in pdf format will be useful when sharing your files without them being modified, it will also allow users who do not have this program to view your spreadsheet, print it, share it, …

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Steps To Save Excel Files in PDF and XPS

Next I will tell you the steps to carry out this action: See enlarged image.

• Open an Excel workbook with data.

• Once opened, click on the Office Button , top left.

• When it is displayed, among the different options choose Save As , a window called Save copy of the document is displayed .

• Among the possibilities shown, click with the mouse button on PDF or XPS … , which as indicated by Excel itself is used to publish (or convert) a copy of the book as PDF or as XPS (the latter will explain later on that is).

• Now the Dialog Box, Publish as PDF or XPS opens .

• You must give a name to the file to save, choose the location where you want to store it and in Save as type leave it as it comes, which by default is in PDF .

• Maintaining marked the box Open file after publishing program Adobe will open and you will see the file in that format.

• Click the Publish button. See another enlarged image

• Then the Adobe program opens and shows you the file in pdf format .

• You have not lost or deleted the Excel file, you have simply created a new file with its data.

If you want to advance a little more in the options that this Excel tool allows you, you will see that in the Publish as PDF or XPS dialog box at the bottom right there is a button called Options …, if you press it, a window will open that will allow different actions when choosing which parts of the book calculation lead to the pdf file.

For example you can choose to carry a selected area, pages, active sheets, the entire book or omit print areas, go marking according to what you need and press OK.
Another possibility: Save as XPS.

XPS whose initials in English mean: XML Paper Specification, created by Microsoft is the alternative to Adobe’s pdf format. Based on the XML programming language .

It facilitates the same action as explained to create pdf files, and one of the easiest ways to open the file is to use the Internet Explorer browser. On this Web Development page, you can expand information on the subject.

The steps are the same as those explained above only in Save as type after displaying the black arrow, choose XPS Document, and then click Publish.

Try today to save excel files in these format and share your experience.