Common Skin Problems

Watch Out For These 6 Common Skin Problems

Our skin is one of our most favorite things. We just love it to the max and there’s no way we can compromise on its health, can we? I know a lot of people including me who can’t even bear a single piece of dirt on their skin because it’s super irritating. With this kind of love and care, can we bear a whole disease or bad condition of our skin? That’s a big no! We are never comfortable feeling something unusual on our skin and if it hurts or irritates, then it’s the worst. The skin problems get much worse for us if it is on our facial skin because that’s much more sensitive than the rest of the skin. Moreover, if the condition is apparent or can be seen, then we’re not leaving the house. We’re happy in our rooms, no thanks!

Such conditions can be caused by different things like bee stings, scratching, allergies, bad blood health, etc. They may be caused because of some genetic problems and of course, they can’t be resolved. Some conditions last for a few days and some may last for years or are permanent. Yep, this sounds scary. But don’t worry, what we can do is take complete care of ourselves so there are low to no chances of getting any disease. But you know, who can change fate? So let’s learn a little about those skin problems and analyze what YOU can do to prevent them from happening and live a worry-free life.

1.  Eczema

Atopic dermatitis, it’s also called! Dermatitis is a general term that is used to describe any skin condition like itchy skin, dry skin, flaky, rash, swelling, etc. However, eczema is a disease that shows symptoms like scaly, itchy, and red and dry skin with scratching and irritation. And if you keep scratching, the affected area will start to thicken. This disease is most commonly found in infants/newborns, however, there are very low chances that it affects a grown-up or elderly person. There’s seriously no prevention of this disease because it is completely genetic or is related to the immune system of the victim. So if in the case it affects someone, there are two things the doctors can do to treat it. One is Dupixent (injection) and the other is the Eucrisa (ointment).

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The injection can be used for patients of 6 to 17 years and the ointment is suitable for babies older than 3 months.

2.  Acne

Every single person on the Earth has faced acne at least once in a lifetime. We can’t deny the fact that it has always haunted us and we used to be super anxious about them. It was like a nightmare for us to have this condition because not only it makes us feel bad about ourselves but also hurts if the condition is severe. Acne can be caused by blocked oil and dirt inside the skin. This happens due to hormonal changes in our bodies. When the oil or dirt is blocked, the outer skin shows signs like blackheads, pimples, cysts, etc. The worst thing about them is that they appear on our faces but they can appear on other parts of our bodies too like back, arms, chest, etc.

3.  Hives

Eww… I really hate these because just look at them… You know when you’ve been bitten by a bug like a mosquito or something. The resulting skin condition is actually known as the hive. It always appears in the form of a group on the specific area of the skin. The whole area becomes red and you can see bumps as well. It itches awfully! It doesn’t only happen because of bug bites because I know several other reasons like medications, foods (that don’t suit us), that cause hives. And let me tell you that if you see that this condition is getting worse, like it’s spreading over a large area of your body, then make sure that you get some medical attention. Hives can even cause breathing issues if they appear on your throat.

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4.  Sunburn

Have you ever experienced this? It’s one of the most common things that happen to our skin. The good thing is, we can actually prevent it from happening because it’s the “sun” burn. If we just stay out of the sun, we don’t get these skin problems. Easy, isn’t it? But maybe it’s not too easy if you’re a regular traveler. You probably need to have your sunscreen in your bag after you apply it because you’re gonna have to keep applying it to your skin after every 2 hours. If you don’t, your skin will be exposed to the UV light from the sun and too much of it will cause your skin to burn. This isn’t something not to be taken seriously because if you’re getting sunburn too often, you’re actually increasing your chances of skin cancer.

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5.  Diaper Rash

Do you have an infant or toddler with his or her diaper on? Then you probably know what that cute little baby is going through because of the diaper. The skin rash! Ahh, it can be one of the most irritating things that a person can go through and if it’s a little child, you can imagine how bad it is. If the diaper is wet or soiled and your kid is wearing that for a long time, there are lots of chances that he or she will get red bumps and/or rashes on the whole area.

Make sure that once the kid is done with peeing, you instantly change the diaper. Reason? Urine can react with the chemical inside the diaper and this can cause skin irritation that will definitely lead to rashes. You need to change the baby’s diaper more often making sure that the baby’s bottom stays dry. Plus, expose it to fresh air as much as you can.

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6.  Cold Sores

Cold Sores skin problems are contagious which means that it can be transferred from one person to the other only with a touch. But what actually is this disease? This is also called fever blisters which probably clears out the definition of cold sores. The area that is affected by it is around the lips. Small fluid-filled blisters grow around your lips, and sometimes, on your lips as well. The blisters are in the form of a group and they form a patch if you take a closer look. The whole thing is healed within 2 to 3 weeks and the good news is that it doesn’t leave any scar.

It can happen because of herpes simplex virus type 1 or type 2 (HSV-1 or HSV-2). Although, there’s no complete cure for cold sores but they can be healed quickly with medications. This will also prevent the blisters from recurring frequently and the severity is also reduced for the future.


The skin problems that I mentioned are the most common ones that a person might suffer from. Some conditions can occur due to allergies that are completely natural. Some people are allergic to some things like flowers, plants, soaps, etc. In the case of soaps, just stay away from the ones that have that particular ingredient that irritates your skin. Also, make sure that you use the one from a trusted and known brand that sells their soaps in high-quality and attractive looking soap sleeve packaging boxes. They get their boxes from Dawn Printing which is a highly known company in the world of packaging. Using high-quality soaps will definitely keep you away from allergies. However, do this one thing. If you feel that the condition isn’t in your control anymore and it’s getting worse, just go to a professional dermatologist and have your skin examined ASAP!