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5 Best Cloud Services To Stream Your Game On

While working, when you want to take a break and want to relax and chill your mind or want to do something different, then the first and the most useful thing that comes into your account is to play a game. Nothing can be better than playing a game to relax you in that span of time. In today’s world of increasing and fast-growing technology, there are many ways available to play games. You can play games on your phones, laptops, desktops, etc. But as technology is growing, more and more games are coming into the market, which is not only entertaining but also enhances knowledge of new technology.  

All these advanced games require some advanced high configuration devices in order to play these games like good memory of RAM, extensive operating system, high-speed processor, Graphics card, etc. Fulfilling all these requirements is sometimes very expensive, and sometimes with the current device, it is not able to fulfill these requirements. 

That is where the cloud gaming service comes into the picture, which reduces all the burden of fulfilling these requirements in the physical device and takes everything to the cloud where you can get everything ready as per your need without spending much. This technology is called Cloud Gaming Service.

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Cloud Gaming Services

Cloud gaming service is an online gaming platform that allows you to play games on remote servers and stream those games directly on the user’s device. You can know more about this when you visit this page. The users need not have a high configuration hardware device or software or any gaming PC. All the heavy lifting is done in the cloud, and it reduces all the cost of purchasing the hardware to many minimal costs of taking the subscription of the cloud as per your requirements.

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Using the Cloud gaming service, you can stream the video games anywhere and anytime, which means you can play the on-going game on any other machine and continue the game from where you have stopped the last time. 

As one new thing enters into the market, lots of its competition comes with it. So, similarly, there are many options available for Cloud gaming service, which can easily confuse the customer for which one they should go. So, if you are also confused, then keep reading this article as in this article, 5 best cloud gaming services are explained, which can help you in choosing the best cloud gaming service for you.

1. GeForce Now

GeForce is now one of the most amazing and mostly used Cloud gaming services nowadays. It has beautiful graphics, supreme video quality, and best performance. It is available and supported by all operating systems, including MAC, Windows, and Shield. In order to use GeForce Now, you just need to create a single account and use that separate account; you can stream the video games online on any device no matter what the configuration is and how the performance of the device is. 

Essential features:

  • By merely performing three steps, including creating an account, downloading the app, and linking the library; you can stream the video games using GeForce now.
  • You can use the GeForce Now for free initially to test the experience, and later on, you can take its subscription to upgrade the membership.
  • It is available for all gamers and for all the devices.
  • GeForce Now is supported only in Europe and North America regions. So, you need VPN support to use GeForce Now in a restricted area.
  • Saves the best performance automatically and allows you to share it on social media to flaunt your gaming experience.      
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2. PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is another best Cloud gaming service that offers more than 800 PS2, PS3 and PS4 games that you can play directly from your PC or any other device. It allows you to download hundreds of PS4 games directly at your console and provide Ultra streaming mode.     

Essential features:   

  • Only by performing the steps including connecting Dualshock 4 controller via the USB, install the app and you are ready to play games using PlayStation Now.
  • PlayStation Now offers the free trial to test the service, and then later on, by taking the subscription of as low as $9.99, you can play PS2, PS3, and PS4 games easily.
  • It allows you to play the games online with your friends, and you can also share your scores, best moves on social media.
  • It provides you the facility to customize the settings.  

3. Shadow

Shadow is a superb cloud gaming service to play High-end gaming. It provides support for multiple devices, and if you need to, you can switch the device in the middle of the game as well. This cloud service is updated regularly, so no extra maintenance required.    

Important features

  • Shadow is not available in all the countries, so you need VPN support in order to bypass the restriction.
  • Accessible on all platforms, and all the types of games can be accessed.
  • It provides the facility to share all the files, and you can buy the storage from 256 GB to 2 TB.

4. Google Stadia

Google Stadia is a Cloud gaming service that is launched by Google. It is a cloud game, so you do not need any additional hardware to play the game. It is available on all the devices and provides video in 4K resolution quality.

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Essential features:

  • Google Stadia is not available in all the countries, so you need VPN support in order to bypass the restriction.
  • Offers two free games a month to all the subscribers.
  • It provides a wireless controller and Chromecast ultra, which means you can stream the video game directly to the TV without using any additional hardware.

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5. Vortex

Vortex is one of the high demanding cloud gaming services that is supported by all the platforms. It provides more than 100 gaming options, and it is a perfect option for the new joiners as it is straightforward to use, and no other installation or set up is required. Games are ready to play at the client dashboard.

Important features:

  • It is a multiplatform gaming service and supports all the god browsers to play the game.
  • You can easily download and start playing the vortex games.
  • No recommended hardware is required, and you can customize the game according to your interest.

Hopefully, using the above article, you will be able to figure out which cloud gaming service is best for you.

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