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How to Brainstorm Writing Ideas For Literature Paper

Brainstorming is a necessary practice that is immensely helpful when you sit down to write a narrative, expository, descriptive, or persuasive essay in literature. Whether based on a piece of poetry or a work of prose, these essays need an organized and informed style of writing that needs planning and strategy before the execution of it on paper.

However, the process of brainstorming might be vague and daunting to many students. So having a clearer idea and guidelines about how to do it would make it so much less stressful an ordeal. To lay it down simply, brainstorming is the thought process that you dedicate to the topic of the essay beforehand and then you have to write down each idea that comes to your mind so you can later enhance and build upon it later on.      

When you start upon the essay itself your written material should be precise and in the right sequence and in the form of a comprehensive flow of thoughts that is appealing to grab the attention of your reader or teacher. But when working on a first draft or brainstorming in other words, before you start on the final refined essay, allows you to write the whole lot of ideas that are coming into your mind without any interruptions or restrictions to pause the flow.

Once you have it all down as a rough draft then you can sort and organize everything and chip away at it till you get the masterpiece needed for a good grade or for the satisfaction of critics.

brainstorming writing ideas

There are a few ways by which you can approach the process of brainstorming. You can select the one that is most suited for your requirements when you begin to write us an essay. Filling the page is the first brainstorming that you can practice. Get your writing supplies together or open your notebook or laptop and just start to write.

Whether it is in the form of single words, phrases, sentences, or short paragraphs, just write down everything that is floating around in your brain regarding the topic and type of your essay. This process is admittedly messy and completely random and you might even write down ideas that you eliminate in your actual piece of writing, but good or bad you must put it down in written words before you.

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This will help you to have a clear image of the information you want to put in your essay and then you can pick out the ones that you think are the most brilliant and creative enough to enhance upon. This gives your brain room for exploration without the fear of forgetting a really good point that you thought of or finding out halfway through your essay that the idea you chose to write about is not something that is up your alley.

To avoid mishaps such as that, you must do brainstorming before you begin creating the actual draft of your literary essay. If the first method doesn’t work you though, then there is another tip for a successful brainstorming session which you can attempt if you are more of an “orderly” writer.

Making a diagram can be very beneficial to gather your ideas into a comprehensive shape. This is a much quicker way to brainstorm and you can keep all of your thoughts organized before you so they won’t be a frustrating mess for you if you begin on the actual draft even on a later date.

Now the diagrams for brainstorming can be of two types. First there is the Venn diagram, which might not be preferable for most student to be used on a daily basis but it is certainly an effective way to brainstorm. As most students must be familiar the Venn diagram is in the form of interspersed spheres.

In order to use it as an aid for your literature essay, you can use each of the circles to display the positive and negative aspects of the topic you are working on and the centre can be dedicated to the final result or conclusion that come out of the exploratory ideas you have stated.

A spider diagram is also quite helpful. You can write down three to five key aspects that your essay is going to be based upon and then you branch those off to the connected topics and ideas that need to be discussed in relation to them.

The end result of this would be a spider web of your thoughts laid out in an organized way on the paper. Furthermore, you always have the choice of getting online assistance for a too tricky topic assigned to you or if you are mercilessly caught up with responsibilities to complete your task.

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