29 Best Quotes Online For Facebook And WhatsApp

29 Best Quotes Online For Facebook And WhatsApp

Here are some of the most popular best quotes which we all used to write on facebook and on Whatsapp.

♥ .. I’m not proud, I just don’t know how to forget mistakes, I’m not quick-tempered, I just don’t feel Myself offended, I’m not stubborn, but I just respect My word .. ♥

I love you – 3 words, 10 letters a million problems! ( I went to 10th – 3 words, 10 letters no problems! ) give a smile coming from the heart.

Smile with your eyes, love with your soul.

It is difficult to understand how to behave with a person who does not hold and does not let go …

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You loved … You suffered … He is a moron, but you did not know

I will never start back into my life those people who left it of their own free will.fill

An ideal couple is when he is her first, and she is his last.

Before you fall in love with a woman in a girl, love the man in her.

When hugging a loved one, the soul becomes warm and calm, like never before …

Love does not mean marriage. And marriage does not mean happiness.

When hugging a loved one, the soul becomes warm and calm, like never before …

I wish everyone in 2013 stumbled, fell and cried …. but … Stumbled over money … Fell into a hug … Cried from happiness ..

I will never be one of the backup options in my life, extras do not suit me.

It has always been that the depth of love is known only at the time of separation.

Treasured ON-LINE under his photo! And in the column “my messages 1” did not appear! Here we are sitting and silent on different sides of the monitor!

I cry softly, watching romantic comedies, smile on the street for children, admire the stars at night. I found my happiness!

And time doesn’t heal. He does not close the wounds, he simply covers them from above with a gauze bandage of new impressions, new sensations, life experiences. And sometimes, clinging to something, this bandage flies, and fresh air enters the wound, giving it new pain … and a new life. Time is a bad doctor. It makes you forget about the pain of old wounds, inflicting more and more … So we crawl through life, like its wounded soldiers … And every year everything grows on the soul and the number of badly applied dressings …

I do not understand how dogs have not yet been disappointed in humans.

Everyone said that we are not a couple … And I took her hand and said: we are not a couple. We are one whole ..

Anyway, there will be a guy who will love you just for what you are. He will rejoice at your smile, and in winter he will make you wear a warm scarf. He will worry or eat you, will call you every hour, write SMS to find out how you are doing. He will always be there, in the most difficult moment he will not leave you. Just wait for your boy and you will be happy, because you will be dear to him, for real …

True friends constantly argue and swear, because they say things to each other in the face that are unpleasant, but important and truthful. What no one else will say …

I will never start back into my life those people who left him of their own free will.

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Why do we often leave the most important words and confessions for later? We hope that we will always have time to say them, and maybe we NEED to speak when the dear person is nearby, and not wait for a special moment. After all, it may happen that then there will simply be no one to tell them.

A friend is not the one who will get you out of trouble, but the one who will not let you get into it …

Many relationships can be terminated only because one believed gossip, without asking the other “if this is true.”

The mobile phone is off, the mascara is smeared on the cheek … let us all be the same, but love in different ways …

They will hurt, and then they think that everything goes from the word “I’m sorry” ..

Reciprocity is as rare as honesty, sincerity, truth, loyalty..

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