Best Cycling Gadgets

6 Best Cycling Gadgets For Cycling

It doesn’t matter what type of cyclist you are – a professional, or maybe a casual cyclist who is content with just riding his bike back and forth the neighbourhood, installing cool gadgets on your bike or carrying them along with you can make the overall riding experience worthwhile. There are definitely innovative cycling gadgets out there. Lots of them. However, finding the perfect fit for your needs can prove a daunting task.

That is why we have taken it upon us to educate our readers on the best cycling gadgets you can find in the market today.

The Ultimate Smart Bike Helmet

Ultimate Smart Bike Helmet

Often dubbed the world’s first smart bike helmet, this helmet comes with innovative features never seen before. It comes with groundbreaking features such as an integrated brake system and turn-signal lights which illuminates your way as you cycle at night, keeping you safe from danger. For these innovative, first-of-its-kind features, the Ultimate Smart Bike Helmet has won a number of awards.

It is controlled remotely through a console which you can install on the handlebar of the bike. There are 10 white LEDs to be installed on the front side of the bicycle, 38 red LEDs to be installed on the back, and 11 orange LEDs – these are for to serve as the turn signals. The Smart Helmet gives you increased visibility while you’re out on the road. This gives other road users the ability to now your every move.

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The Laser-Enhanced Bicycle Light

This is another innovative gadget designed to make cycling at night safer for everyone. This laser comes pre-installed with about 300 LED lights and green laser at the front of the bike. While cycling at night, the laser creates a green bicycle symbol 6 metres ahead to warn vehicles or pedestrians ahead of an incoming bike. It is pretty easy to install, waterproof and is very durable.

Timbuk2’s Parker Commuter Backpack

Cycling can be an exciting adventure. Whether you’re just going a short distance or an adventure through the country, or maybe to the mountains, you will definitely need a functional pack can always make a difference. With many valuables to store on such trips, you need an efficient pack to keep things in their proper shapes. This is what this slick, aesthetically designed backpack does for you.

Designed to withstand very harsh weather, this backpack will ensure that all your wares are safe and dry. Its flexibility and ease of carriage is a plus as it has magnetic straps that can be released to enable you to carry your pack easily without stress. Inside of your backpack, there’s enough space for the much that you need. There’s a space for Laptops and other spaces for storing smaller vital valuables.


You would not be wrong to call the SmartHalo your personal assistant, as this smart device updates you on your every move with your bike. It is elegantly designed and inconspicuous, yet takes informs you of your every activity – from your fitness objectives, weather updates, incoming texts and messages down right to where you’ve parked your bike.

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It comes with an anti-thief alarm to keep your bike safe from intruders, and automatic evening light for a smooth ride during the evening hours.

Stylish Bicycle Saddle Bag

Stylish Bicycle Saddle Bag

There are times when you wished you could make do with extra space on your bike to keep your stuff protected when the elements are hitting hard. This maybe one of the challenges that Walnut Studiolo faced that made him think of such a creative idea.

His handcrafted saddlebag is one that can be installed on the seats of your bike to keep your belongings safe while you enjoy your ride. This beautifully-designed saddle bag also brings a certain classic feel to the overall appearance of your bike.

The Elegant Bike Multi-Tool

As a cyclist there comes a time when you badly need a screwdriver just to tighten an important screw on a deserted street and there is none to be found. Unlike cars and other mobile vehicles, you don’t carry these tools around – there’s actually no space for them.

Now The bike multi-tool has come to the rescue with a mix of important tools to meet your emergency road needs. The fact that it comes in a high-quality leather case makes it all the more awesome.

In conclusion, there are lots of these innovative cycling gadgets being churned out daily and the list can prove inexhaustible. Try out one of the aforementioned products, we would love to hear and write for us about your experience checking them out!