7 Breathtakingly Beautiful Places to Visit in Mississippi – The Magnolia State

Is Mississippi worth visiting? It absolutely is! A land of diverse attractions and spell-binding beauty, Mississippi is an amazing place to explore. There are fabulous places to visit in mississippi for all types of travelers. For instance, history buffs can explore the sites of the Civil War at Vicksburg while Elvis Presley fans can visit the famous two-room house where the iconic pop icon was born. From romantic places to family weekend getaways in Mississippi, there’s a little something for everyone here! There are plenty of free things to do in Mississippi as well which budget travelers will be glad to know of. So why not plan a visit to this remarkable US state for your vacation this year? To help plan your itinerary, take a close look at our ensuing list of the best places to visit in Mississippi.

Must-Visit Mississippi Tourist Places:

Travel is a lifestyle for most people these days and not just something to be done once in a while. Many travelers search for fabulous places to explore around the world. If you happen to be an avid traveler, Mississippi’s amazing attractions will leave you astounded. You don’t even need to plan a trip. Board a couple of cheap last minute flights and arrive in Mississippi for an impromptu short vacay. Keep reading to know about some interesting places to visit in Mississippi and why!

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1. Mississippi Museum of Natural Science


For an exciting nature-cum-history tour, this is among the best places to visit in Mississippi. There are countless awesome exhibits that enable you to learn about Mississippi’s natural habitats and wildlife. There is an impressive greenhouse that houses a swamp habitat. Also, there is a massive 100,000-gallon aquarium home to over 200 native species. Take a close look at the native white-tailed deer as well as look through the museum’s vast fossil collection. If you’re traveling to Mississippi with kids, this place is an absolute must-visit.

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2. Gulf Islands National Seashore


If you love white-sand beaches, this is the best place in Mississippi to head to. While most of the stunning seashore is submerged, the parts that aren’t offer gorgeous beaches, thick maritime forests, and coastal marshes among other things. Many of these are less crowded and among the best secret places in Mississippi. Visit Davis Bayou and explore remarkable hiking trails, ancient forts, picnic and campsites, and scores of other amazing recreational things. You have the chance to enjoy snorkeling and kayaking as well.

3. Windsor Ruins


The utterly stunning Windsor Ruins are among the most amazing Mississippi historical sites. Built by a wealthy plantation owner during the mid-1800s, this was initially a grand four-story-high Greek Revival Mansion. The mansion’s history is shrouded in slavery, disaster, and war. Gutted in a fire during the late 1800s, all that remains of the once-magnificent mansion today are its stunning Greek columns. The serene and scenic surroundings will make you forget the mansion’s tragic past.

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4. Elvis Presley Museum


Everybody’s a fan of Elvis Presley! The pop culture icon was born in Tupelo in a two-room house built by his father. This iconic home has been preserved as it was and is left open for fans of the legend to visit. It’s among the best cultural places in Mississippi for Elvis fans to visit. Even the church that first inspired Elvis with its Gospel music has been relocated to the same grounds. There is also a museum dedicated to briefing visitors about the life of Elvis Presley. There are Elvis-themed gifts and souvenirs to buy as well.

5. Old Capitol Museum


Fashioned in typical Greek Revival style, the fascinating limestone building with its copper dome is among the best places to visit in Mississippi. A national landmark, the remarkable former state capitol building is now open to the public. It features a free museum that offers visitors a peek into government as well as historical events that occurred here. You can also book a guided tour if you wish to learn about these awesome historical facts in detail.

6. Vicksburg National Cemetery


This is among the best places to visit in Mississippi for history buffs arriving for a trip on business class flights. Among the most iconic of Mississippi historical sites, the Vicksburg National Cemetery houses the graves of as many as 17,000 Union Soldiers. Besides them, also laid to rest here are over 1300 veterans of several other conflicts that arose in the aftermath of the tragic Civil War. Visit and pay homage to brave soldiers who laid their lives down.

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7. Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast booking cheap US flights for a trip to Mississippi, this place is a must-visit for you. It’s among the ideal and places to visit in Mississippi for a look at the region’s remarkable wildlife. In fact, not just the stunning wildlife, but the scenic surroundings will also leave you spellbound. The Doyle Arm is a fantastic feeding area for spectacular migratory bird species. Those more adventurous can also go in deeper to spot Alligators. Visit during the fall when the weather is at its best and the scenery its most stunning.