Reasons to Go to the Wet Market

Rise and Shop: 4 Good Reasons To Go Wet Market Early in the Morning

ShareTweetPin0sharesThere’s something about mornings that many people hate. Mostly, it’s the fact that you have to get up early, and do the things you have to do even when your body and your mind are

There’s something about mornings that many people hate. Mostly, it’s the fact that you have to get up early, and do the things you have to do even when your body and your mind are still tired, lazy and sleepy. But there surely are great advantages when you wake up and move early in the morning. Responsible adults go to the wet market early in the morning to buy food they are about to cook. Even if the sky is still dark, you will see and find out that there actually are lots of people who prefer doing their market shopping earlier than a greater number of consumers.

You must know the morning is actually the most ideal time to choose and purchase from the wet market. Below are 4 good reasons why:

[1] You’re JUST lazy.

If you are lazy in the morning, you will just get lazier in a later time. You cannot deny the fact that the morning is a hard-to-get-up time, especially if you are not the top morning person there is! But be motivated by the thought that you will just be more idle and negligent if you don’t do it immediately. 

It’s best that while the problem has not yet worsened, you did something good to hamper it. If you get up early to go to the market, you prevent yourself from getting drowned deeper into your bedsheets. Do it while you are still just lazy and not when you are even lazier.

[2] Everyone is not YET there.

You’re not the only heavily sleepy person in the morning; many are! Take that as an opportunity to go ahead of that big number of them. While everyone is not yet in the market, be there! While it’s not yet as crowded as it will be after a little while, be there and buy what you need. 

It would be a huge benefit that while a lot of people are still sleeping soundly or are still struggling to leave their beds, you are already there in the market, getting yourself the best picks. Be different, and go ahead before everybody else!

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[3] FRESH comes in the Morning.

If you go to the wet market early, you have a golden chance to get what everybody else is seeking after! What is that? Fresh! Fresh it is! 

Fresh meat, fresh pork, fresh chicken, fresh vegetables, fresh seafood and more are there! These are all sought-after, so do not expect that you will still be getting high-quality of them if you go in the noon or late afternoon. There will still be sold products, but they’re not with the chiefest features anymore.

Every individual and every family want to serve fresh meals on their tables. Fresh equates healthy, nutritious and first-rate, so it’s just obvious why fresh products are usually sold out first early in the morning. 

[4] LATE means Running Out.

Indeed, the early bird catches the worm. If you come to the wet market late, you will not just miss the freshest choices, but you might also miss out on everything you are looking for! Products can run out, and vendors have no total control of that situation, especially if many market shoppers really buy from them.  

So you will not run out and so you will still have something to eat and to prepare for your family, do not go to the market later in the day. 


Definitely, there’s something aidful about going to the wet market early in the morning. If you want to get the excellent quality products, fresh meat, fresh leaves and fresh seafood, be willing to get up early, even before the sun comes up. A little sacrifice is really needed sometimes for you to get hold of the best things and to avoid things that will disappoint you.

AUTHOR BIO: Nicole Ann Pore believes that freshness of what people eat is always important not only because of the experience but also of its health implications. She writes about matters that revolve around fresh seafood and the market industry. Nicole is a daytime writer for Manettas Seafood Market Australia, an online and interactive seafood market allowing accessibility to the highest quality seafood from Australia and abroad.  | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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